The Elephant Home and the community

The elephant home is a complete story. A story of the journey of converting poachers to conservationists. The former hunters and encroachers have been converted to friends and partners of wildlife conservation through generating income, skills, connections and other benefits from tourism.

When you decide to stay with us. We ensure that every coin you spend at the Elephant home goes a long way to the local family to put food on their table buy scholastic materials provide medical care and or buy cloth for that least known household in the villages next to Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Hosting guest at the Elephant home brings to the community, a feeling of appreciation when they get the opportunity to share with you their story of wildlife.

Rooms and facilities

Our accommodation facilities have been designed to ensure that your visit to queen Elizabeth National Park is the most memorable one. Each of our guest rooms are fully furnished with private bathrooms, beds with mosquito netting, furniture and a private balcony. We also have private camping and ample packing space where guests can pack or sleep in their car rooftop tents. We now have tools that will be used to charge the guest gadgets as well as supply WiFi in our restaurant. The delicious meals served in our restaurant have made every client wish they are able to stay longer.

The natural jungle:

We are located in the heart of the jungle. Whether you want to take a walk, sit and listen to nature’s sounds, explore the rich plant life or take the views of Queen Elizabeth National Park, our secure neighborhood has you catered. The Elephant home is a bird sanctuary. You will listen to the birds 14 hours of the day from crack of dawn to late evening. In our self guided walk, you will have the liberty to walk in the animals’ tracks as you look for the spoors from different mammals that graze on the property. From the top of the self guided trail, relax as you view he lakes and game grazing in the park.

Local guides and activities:

Immerse yourself in the local nature and culture as you watch wildlife and culture on the community trails. The elephant home is a perfect base to explore Queen Elizabeth national park and her neighborhoods. At the lodge, you will find experienced guides and allot of trails to do in and outside the park, whether you want to trek the Rwenzori foothills or the savannah plains.

You will have he opportunity to join the cultural demonstrations and workshops, village guided walks, traditional dances, traditional salt mining tours, Boda Boda safaris, chimp tracking, looking for tree climbing lions in Ishasha, the crater lakes tours game drives in Kasenyi, Kazinga channel boat cruise, lion tracking and many others.

By staying with us at the Elephant Home, you help us as we continue to contribute to conserve and develop the community neighboring the park.

Looking for accommodation close to the national park in Uganda?

If you have interest in the following Selections, as you plan your trip to Uganda, then you know the Elephant home is your ultimate destination!!

The design, management and location of the Elephant center campsite is a simple answer to all these questions.  Book your stay now directly at or through pearls of Uganda in Kampala at

We have been impressed by the numbers of visitor arrivals this last season. Thank you to all those who read our information anywhere and stayed, passed-by. We have entered our low season and wish to invite you again for our up to 50% discount offers  on accommodation and wildlife safaris looking to the elephants and other wildlife. The camp is open all the time to provide you accommodation, meals, coffee and community tours.

After our humble establishment in 2015, now you can find a number of services at the campsite including;

We are working on more service areas to ensure we can continue to meet more of our clients’ expectations.

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