We promote continuity of life in our village

In every step of our work at the Elephant home, we promote actions that continuously support a healthy and safe environment for our guests, our community and wildlife. We believe our action is the only opportunity we have to contribute to life on the larger global community.

This is what we are doing to support continuity of all life in our property and community.

Buying local as much as possible: to prevent too much travel, creating local markets and supporting local initiatives, sharing the pride of our produce and cuisine with our visitors without overwhelming the invisible and invaluable components of our natural environment.

Hands on conservation action: We support, train and participate with the local community to ensure a clean environment. This is done through garbage collection and waste reduction, reuse and recycling, tree planting, renewable energy and other conservation actions.

Minimum impact on the natural habitat: We believe very inch counts. We try as much as possible to leave our property growing with indigenous trees and plants that provide a better home for the large, medium and small creatures that our eyes can never imagine.

Community involvement: Building self pride of our community and welcoming visitors as we teach them our local way of life. This helps to reduce usurpation of our local culture and raises our own awareness of the natural and cultural richness in the abundance of our area.

We commit to continuous benchmarking, training and improving our action to ensure that we remain relevant based on the trends and research. 

Community youth during a waste recycling training