Kazinga channel boat cruise in queen Elizabeth national park.

Travelers seeking to do Kazinga channel boat cruise during their safari of queen Elizabeth national park, now have a long list of optional boats and tours to choose from. The local community has opened boat opportunities for the guests who want to explore different from the usual trail. This community boat cruise can be accessed from a public road at any time of the day. With a team of experienced guides, the cruise starts at Katunguru bridge on Kasese-Mbarara road. This makes it easy to be able to do a boat cruise on transit without spending a night in Queen Elizabeth.

Kazinga channel is the best place to view wildlife in queen Elizabeth national park. The 40km channel flow from lake George to Edward bisecting the park with a green belt of wonders that is also a permanent home to wildlife. The channel is one added reason why this national park is a destination of choice for most travelers to Uganda. No other park in Uganda has got such a peaceful home for wildlife through the year. The varied attractions of this park include wetlands, over 600 bird’s species 95 mammals and ten species of primates, explosion craters, extensive Savannah and wetlands along with the green rolling hills. the park gives one of the most rewarding landscape as it lays just bellow the Rwenzori Mountains on the west with the rift-valley escarpment on the east. During this cruise, you have all the chances to be so close to large herds of wildlife like never before. The common site on this boat cruise are the elephants, antelopes of varied type, warthogs, hippopotamus, buffalo and multitudes of birds.

Kazinga channel makes a nice strip of green that extends 40km joining lake George to lake Edward. This channel makes a nice home for wildlife across the year. All sorts of wildlife have created trails that lead to the channel from the different direction. This two-hour journey is a showcase of a cross section of wildlife both on waters and land. During certain seasons, the boat cruise is also an opportunity to sample some of the migrant bird species on their journey to and from Europe. The bird species of queen Elizabeth national park are more than you can find in any national parks of Uganda.

The community boat cruise is flexible and you can do it any time as long as you have two hours before 7:00pm. It is open twelve ours from 7:00am to 7:00pm. All booked in guests are required to arrive at least 30 minutes before the starting time agreed at booking.

With the experienced guides who are both locals and retired rangers, you can be sure to get the right information both about the people and wildlife they live with in the park. The guide will have the background of almost every thing you see. So inspiring to learn about wildlife in their natural habitat. the guide will point to both the largest and the most tine wildlife around the channel and tell you everything about it.

Everything about this boat has been set in the traveler’s favor. At a lower price per person, the minimum number of people required to do the trip is two persons. This meaning, even when you’re alone, you pay for the extra person and you’re good to go to explore this wildlife paradise. Additionally, his gives an affordable opportunity of taking a private boat for as long as you may want in the jungle. importnt to note that the return journey goes for two hours, though you cxan arrage to have a loner journey and may pmre for it, in advance. Since the timing of the boat is flexible, it is important to book in advance to avoid any inconveniences as changes may not be possible at spot. If you’re interested in this boat cruise, just contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you and showing you around queen Elizabeth national park.