Queen Elizabeth National Park is a must visit for every traveler who comes to Uganda. it is a magical land in the savannah laying bellow Rwenzori mountains of the moon. The landscape is spotted with crater lakes and salt pans. It is wildlife wonder whose rich habitat sufficiently provides for multitude of animals. With plenty of fresh water bodies, including the Kazinga channel that dissects the park. You will witness animals roaming the land as birds fly the skies in their natural habitat.

It is one of the historical parks of Uganda, where plenty of wildlife activities await every nature lover.

The location of this park gives a great advantage to all travelers who want to find an easy penetration of African jungles.

The park can also be taken off the beaten path, discovering those hidden attractions. With great connection, it is easy to drive in and around the park. The extra explorations, after the wildlife safari, take you to the crater lakes, the Rwenzori foothills and the surrounding cultural encounters in the villages.