Accommodation at Queen Elizabeth National Park – The Elephant Home

Located in the Elephant grazing grounds, outside Queen Elizabeth National Park, is The Elephant Home community lodge. Like the name suggests, this accommodation is a home for wildlife and for the travelers who want to explore queen Elizabeth beyond the park boundaries. It is like a home in the jungle with no crowds unless the elephants are around.  when the elephants show up, as they Wallow the landscape through their timely grazing voyages.

The hospitable staff and a wonderful chef of the lodge offers one of the best budget accommodations in the area, making this lodge a must visit for every traveler who want to pay budget and get the highest Value for money. The lodge comes with well thought comfortable self-contained rooms that are furnished with beddings, mosquito nets, furniture and a private balcony for each room. The restaurant and rooms offer open views of the Savannah wilderness. Guest who want privacy find a perfect hideout within the community, at the elephant home.

Wildlife such as birds and other mammals including elephants find a peaceful haven on the lodge property. The accommodation offered gives you an opportunity to spend a night in the elephant habitat allowing you to witness the community-wildlife relations. On the lucky nights, you will sleep to the sounds of the lion, hyenas and the calls of the elephants echoing from the extensive Savannah of queen Elizabeth national park. During the nights, sometimes elephants visit the lodge giving our guest the pleasurable picture moment while watching elephants feeding on the luxuriant jungles in the morning. Waking up to the elephant tracks and ruins from their nightly visit around the lodge gives the feeling of the true African wild jungles. Though it is located within the wildlife territory, guests don’t require any entrance fee to stay here, meaning you can stay and enjoy the local wildlife endlessly.

This community lives with the wildlife all their life. When you stay at the elephant home, the staff are both knowledgeable of the local area and friendly to the guest, willing to show you everything during your stay. They will share with you their story of living next to the national park and why they have adapted to tourism as the most sustainable livelihood that has finally enabled them to be better friends with wildlife. A self-guided walk has been created on the property where guests are able to walk in the savanna forest for up to 30 minutes as they take views of lake George inside the national park, dotted with fishing boats and the edges lined with grazing animals at sunset.

The accommodation is located next to the national park. Whether using private or public means of transport, the elephant home lodge is the most accessible and easy to find of all lodges in the area. It is ten minutes’ drive to the Kasenyi tracks park gate, where the game drive starts. Accessibility to a good road makes the elephant home a perfect base to explore the entire queen Elizabeth national park region. For those who want to stay long, the lodge has a long list of activities to participate in. These include chimp tracking, boda-boda safaris, forest walks, boat cruises, cultural tours and other village experiences. Besides, the lodge is attached to experienced local guides who will be able to take guests to the wildlife safari inside the park at affordable prices.

Book your stay today to experience one of the best community accommodation experiences around this part of the country, during your visit to queen Elizabeth national park.