Three best ways to travel from Kampala to Queen Elizabeth national park.

Queen Elizabeth national park is located about 400km west of Kampala. The two optional routes to get you to queen Elizabeth national park are; Fort portal-Mubende road (390km) and Masaka-Mbarara road (398km) The road is mainly tarmac. The travel time ranges from 1-7 hours basing on the mode of transport used; from the list below,

Three transport options:

  1. By public bus: Link bus is still the best and timely public bus on Fort portal Mubende route. This bus leaves every one hour from downtown, Kampala in Kisenyi bus terminal. The furthest point it can drop you is at Kikorongo junction as it heads to Bwera near the Congo boarder. The price from Kampala will range from 8-15$ as of now (2018). The price varies and will normally be high during holiday seasons and lowest on the rest of the days. The holiday seasons that lead to the increase of the bus price include; Christmas, Easter,  matayers day 3rd June (4th June) starting and end of the school holidays.
  2. By private car: This can be by tour operator or private hire. In most cases, the driver will know how to go around but it is also important for you to be informed of the distances, directions and locations of places. You can contact Rainforest and community tours or any other tour operator to give you a quote and more information about private hire.
  3. By air: Now it is possible to take a scheduled flight from Entebbe to Kasese air strip. The flight is operated by Aerolink. It will take from 40-60 from Entebbe to Kasese airstrip. Kasese airstrip is located 26km from Queen Elizabeth national park gate. On landing at Kasese, it is possible to get a public or private taxi to queen Elizabeth National park.

In any case, we encourage you to contact the elephant home or your driver/ operator to provide more information. Link bus stops just in front of the elephant home, making it very easy to get here. We also organize private transfers from Kampala or Entebbe at an affordable price. For further information about the current prices, accommodation and travel around Queen Elizabeth national park, please contact us at,