Why did I visit the shrine – Uganda MP Speaker defends her visit…

To visit the shrine I was promoting my culture and Uganda’s tourism the Speaker defends her visitation to the witch doctor’s shrine, a few days go.

Rebecca Kadaga, is the 10th (tenth) speaker of the Uganda Parliament after a position she retained unopposed, after the deputy speaker – Jacob Oulanya pulled out of the race following advise from the party’s leadership. She is also a veteran member of the powerful political party National Resistance Movement- NRM, led by the President of Uganda as the Chairman.

Recently after her inauguration into the position, she was seen visiting Nhenda Hill, a home of traditional witch doctors in the Busoga region, a move that caused many to question her christian faith.

In response she said, I only do this to respect my clan elders and ancestors besides advocating for my culture and promoting my country’s tourism. I would like to urge and inspire this generation to rediscover your roots and ancestor respect in order to develop your spirit.