What is your fear about visiting Uganda?

What is your fear about visiting Uganda?

Different people have different fears about visiting certain countries or any new places. In most cases, these fears are myths and exist from gossips, due to lack of proper information provided first hand from that particular destination being feared.

I asked someone if she plans to travel to Uganda, two years ago, and she told me she fears being tortured by the soldiers of Iddi Amin!! It is so unbelievable to know that some people, somewhere in the world still fear that Idi Amin is still here in Uganda, Yet he only ruled Uganda long time ago, in the 1970’s and then died in the year 2003 while in exile. Of all the good things to see in Uganda, some people around the world may still find and believe the wrong information about your community or country.

Today, I want to ask if anyone has and can share any fears for a certain country they want to visit. I am a community guide from Uganda’s communities and i will be answering all your fears about my home country Uganda, the pearl of Africa.

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on Jun 22, 2016