What is new for travelers to Queen Elizabeth National Park in 2016!!!

What do you know about the rural communities of Uganda? Here is an opportunity for you to be the first to know!!!! The community of Kikorongo has put together an experience packaged in a village guided walk. It is a new village experience for visitors to Queen Elizabeth national park, located at Kikorongo Junction, 22km from Kasese on Mbarara road, next to queens pavilion. It is such an easy experience to consume within about 2-3 hours. This unique community experience showcases a set of beauties, social life and culture of the area adjacent to this park. It has been designed in a way that Queen Elizabeth national park remains in the background of every part of the tour but generally, the trail show cases the local way of life. The tour also demonstrates community coexistence with the Elephants and other wildlife crossing from the park.

Wildlife creates a stiff food challenge for the people around this park as they compete for the crops. on this tour, learn how bananas are equally loved by Elephants and the people, then the farmer will introduce you to the innovative protective measures that save peoples gardens from the Elephants without harming them.

I asked one client who had just done the trail before my group; how was the trail? and this is what she had to say. –I have visited Queen Elizabeth National Park several times but had never got an opportunity to interact with the locals so closely. The trail proves that Queen Elizabeth is more than just animals, birds, game drives or boat cruises. The 3 hours community trail has shown me a new Queen Elizabeth national park through the eye of the community. This client participated in the full activity including the crafts workshop and traditional dance.

During the tour, You will participate in the local life and learn how the people live with the Elephants. Get the cotton growing experience, visiting the village – behind the common scenes, walking the hills while taking the views of the park and go through the banana plantation.

You will then be taken through the business center of the community to learn the local petty trade as you head to the equator. After the equator, taste the delicious pineapples grown at the equator before you head back to your hotel.

Other optional activities one can participate in during this tour include a basket weaving workshop or a traditional dance performance by the locals. Each of these two activities require a small additional payment and takes an additional 30 minutes, but can take longer on request.

This product has been developed jointly with the community and is being promoted by the Elephant Center Campsite. However, it can be taken by visitors from all the surrounding hotels after paying the required fees either to the community center or to elephant center campsite. The trail is currently being promoted at a trial price of 25000/- Uganda shillings. Subject to client feedback, the price will change without prior notice. The trial price will run from June to November 2016.

It is so easy to arrange on arrival or on transit. You can book this community tour through the UCOTA office in Kampala, the elephant center campsite (info@theelephanthome.com) or any lodge around Queen Elizabeth national park during your visit.