Tours – activities around Kampala and Entebbe – Uganda trip

Tours – activities around Kampala and Entebbe – Uganda trip

During your travel, it is that short moment that will have a very big impact on the success of your trip? Thus, it is important to take care of those transition intervals from one experience to another by allocating something interesting in between those short moments of your trip. In the past, many people may have got experienced such situations when they got stuck in those boring moments.

Uganda is a very beautiful country and you can’t afford to sit without doing anything, even for one minute. Most people realize this after arrival and ask what to do around Kampala and Entebbe when they realise they’re set to take a late flight or if they just had an early arrival at Entebbe airport. If you’re planning a trip to Uganda don’t be surprised by this moment. Plan a good relaxed but experiential way to start or end your Uganda trip in style, this is for you.

The time you spend around Kampala or Entebbe is a perfect moment to be immersed within the nature and culture ambience of Uganda. I suggest that you can try Lutembe wetland and Ramser site for bird watching and wetland walk on the shores of Lake Victoria. This way, you can spend memorable moments between Entebbe and Kampala to avoid getting stuck in the boring moments as you wait for the night flight or before you travel from Kampala to your upcountry destinations.

Lutembe wetland is one of the major bird migration stop-overs and one of the most interesting sites for bird watching around the Lake Victoria. For the community around the lake, the wetland also plays a significant role to their livelihoods through livelihood activities such as cultivation (farming), fishing, sustainable harvesting of clay and other crafts materials, transport and eco-tourism. During the visit, the local experienced guides will take you around as they point to the long list of birds found here in their natural habitat.

Approximately 340 bird species both migratory and resident to Lutembe Wetland can be recorded.  You could see birds like Black Heron, Pied Kingfisher, African snipe, Malachite Kingfisher, African skimmer, African Jacana, White-winged Black Terns, Long-tailed Cormorant, and Black Egret while on a bird watching boat cruise tour. Besides, you also could see the Uganda emblem, (Grey Crowned Crane) with their fledglings. In season, you will enjoy hearing plenty of bird songs and seeing thousands of White-winged Black Terns flying in attracting pattern (September – March).

Lutembe wetland is very rich in culture as well. During your visit, you can see a cave where locals sat and sang calling upon a crocodile “LUTEMBE”, they worshiped and on whose back they sat for rides on the lake to visit other gods. You can also listen to the full story of this mystical crocodile and how the locals perceived it in their daily lives.

Lutembe beach holds a rich history of Iddi Amin, one of the most lively and remembered president of Uganda who ruled during years of the 1970s and known for the notorious activities of evicting the Asians from Uganda. While here you have a chance to see or even have a memorable experience of sitting on the seat Idi Amin used whenever he visited Lutembe beach.

You will cross to the island by canoe where the community guide can take you to go and see butterflies, lizards and the great scenarios over the lake. For those who want to relax as they learn a skill from this lakeside community, the guide and farmer will take you around a well maintained rich garden packed with crops and vegetables as you learn about local herbal medicines, organic or back yard gardening and how to manage your garden.

For those who want to spend there last night here, the community has a luxurious guest house near the lake that will accommodate you with scenic views and comfort to make your stay a special one. Self-contained rooms, each taking 2 people, are available.

Lutembe wetland is located between Entebbe and Kampala. Turn off either at Kajjansi or at Namulanda, and drive towards Lutembe Beach. For directions or booking, you can contact pearls of Uganda ( on or contact Black Heron Eco-Tourism Association (BHETA), the local community running the ecotourism project on Tel: +256(0)774279 001/ 0702540 401. BHETA is a member of Uganda community tourism Association (UCOTA) and works with nature Uganda to promote conservation and tourism.