Tourist activities in and around Queen Elizabeth national park

Uganda’s beauty is packed in Queen Elizabeth National park, a safari haven located in western Uganda. The size of Queen Elizabeth national park is 1,978 km². It is positioned across the floor of the rift valley, between 910m and 1350m above sea level with her lowest point being in Lake Edward and the highest on the Katwe eruption basins.

Queen Elizabeth national park is filled with splendors in the great scenery, the multitudes of wildlife, and the gentle rolling hills over the combination of extensive savannah, wetlands, lakes and forests. The fascinating green rolling hills are interlocking with the lakes George and Edward at the opposite ends of the kazinga channel.  The escarpment generously offers the views of this wonderful habitat. Overlooking the Rwenzori Mountains and connected to the great Congo ecosystem in virunga national park, Queen Elizabeth holds one of the richest and most diverse ecosystems you will find in Uganda.

From the park, one can visit other surrounding attractions including the Kalinzu forest, Kyambura underground forest with chimps, the crater lakes in kichwamba and the various cultural encounters.  With the largest number of communities living in the park, it is a model of communities successfully living with wildlife.

An assortment of interesting activities await every visitor to queen Elizabeth National Park. The activities you can do during your visit to this park include;

  • The activities inside the park. These activities are done inside the park and one needs to pay park entrance fees to participate in them.
    • Kazinga channel boat cruise
    • Game drives and safaris on the Kasenyi plains and mweya peninsular
    • Looking for tree climbing lions in Ishasha
    • Experiential and research activities such as mongoose tracking, lion tracking etc
  • The activities are done outside the park. Thesy can be done without paying park entrance fees.
    • Visiting the equator
    • Munyanyange birding tour
    • Katunguru boat cruise
    • Visiting the cave at Nyanziibiri
  • The activities in the surrounding wildlife reserves. These activities may require entrance fees required by the specific wildlife reserves.
    • Kyambura chimp tracking and nature walks
    • Kalinzu chimp tracking and nature walks
    • Visiting the bat caves in maramagambo forest.
  • Cultural encounters and other community activities. These are all outside the park and you don’t need to pa park entrance fees
    • The equator women traditional dance
    • Crafts weaving workshop
    • Katwe traditional salt mining tour
    • Kikorongo village trek.
    • The cotton growing experience (seasonal)
    • Visiting the fishing villages on Kazinga channel lake George and Edward
    • Bodaboda safari to the villages and lake Katwe area.
    • Kikorongo village hill trek