The Elephant Home prepared to host guests in the new normal, post covid-19

We are pleased to hear that Entebbe airport will be open for commercial passenger flights, starting 1st October 2020. This gives us a new hope for an increase in business, considering that tourists will now be allowed to fly into Uganda.  

During this time of post covid-19 pandemic lockdown, hygiene is of highest priority than ever before. In the past, the Elephant Home has always ranged highest on hygiene and cleanliness in the area around Queen Elizabeth. We re-affirm that we have only gotten better by integrating the national and global COVID-19 standard operating procedures (SOPs)

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We are prepared to welcome and show you around Queen Elizabeth National Park. We hereby share what we have been doing to safely welcome and host you during your post lockdown safari in the new normal.

  • During this time, we realize that crowds could be a health danger when not well managed. We have therefore limited our maximum number of staying guests per day to six. these can preferably be in in a minimum of three parties. we will manage our booking in this direction.
  • We are practicing social physical distancing in all areas, regular hand sanitizing, wearing of face masks among all staff and present guests.
  • Only the staff and staying guests will be exclusively allowed in the lodge property.
  • We have sensitized our community service providers on how best to prevent the spread of the virus, by sanitizing, keeping social distance, wearing their masks and reporting any suspicious cases to the local government corona task team.
  • Our facility is fully supplied with handwashing and sanitizing areas; at the entrance, in the guest rooms, in the restaurant, in the kitchen and while on the community tours and wildlife safaris.
  • We sanitize all areas, surfaces and facilities after each single use before they are used by the next person.
  • On our community tours, we have reduced the total number of guests per guide. As much as possible, we encourage not mixing guests from different parties.
  • We screen all our guests using the recommended none touch thermometer to ensure their temperature is at the minimum, before we admit them into the lodge. if any guest is suspicious or symptomatic, we have reserved a separate room where they will be admitted until they can be handled by the professionals from the local government health team.
  • We are taking all the guest records and bio data as required by the authorities for easy support whenever it may be needed by the guests during their trip.
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At this moment, our communities need the tourism income more than ever. this will help us to secure the local livelihoods and natural habitat both of which are already in bad shape. environment related has more than doubled in the national park and our village. your visitation will help the people and wildlife be able to see tomorrow.

We happy to announce the we have started accepting bookings as we look forward to welcome you soon.