The Elephant Home Covid19 procedure

Preventing covid19

We are specifically doing the following to prevent the acquisition and transmission of Covid19.

At the entrance during arrival and check-in:
  • Screen all guests and staff at the entrance to check their temperature. Ensure that the temperature is between 36 and 37 degrees.
  • Guests sanitize their hands and all suspicious items and body parts
  • Brief the guest about our corona prevention and management procedure.
  • Take the recommended guest records at arrival to ensure we have enough information to help the guest or the covid19 task force whenever necessary.
  • Staff must sanitize after being in contact with any guest body part or luggage.
  • All deliveries of materials and supplies have been redirected to the community office outside the camp, to minimize the number of people at the lodge.
  • All guests are encouraged to use a cashless payment system. This can be done by payment in advance through transferring the money to our account or using a credit card

The payment options available are;

  • Wire transfer to our bank account
  • WorldRemit to our Mobile money account
  • Online credit card payments.
In guest rooms:
  • Change to easily washable beddings and linen
  • Use natural air conditioning by leaving the windows open as much as possible.
  • Supply each guest room  with recommended sanitizing liquid
  • Empower guests to use the sanitizing liquid available in the room during their stay.
  • Wash all beddings after each use
  • Enhanced cleaning of guest rooms following a checklist. Remove the beddings, clean down the room, sanitize the entire guestroom, and replace it with new beddings, then the manager approves the room.
Common areas;
  • Remove all commonly shared implements and personalize all such services to every guest
  • Sanitize all surfaces after each single-use
  • Supply recommended sanitizing liquids, hand washing points with running water and soap in strategic areas.
  • All sitting facilities in the common areas have been positioned accordingly laving at least 2 meters apart.
  • The camp has availed washing and sanitizing facilities at strategic points for regular use.
  • Get flexible leave days whenever they feel unwell
  • Be Screened on a timely basis to check their body temperature using a non-contact thermometer
  • Wear personal protective gear all the time in the hotel premises and attending to guests.
  • Sanitize regularly and remember to keep a distance
  • Providing timely employee training and awareness to empower our staff about Coronavirus, the risk involved and how to prevent the spread of covid19
  • All staff and guests require to be vigilant and report any suspicious action/behavior that minimizes the effectiveness of the COVID-19 safety measures.
  • Be exemplary by observing the set regulations and then guiding and remind guests or fellow staff to observe the COVID-19 safety procedures
Village guided walks and community experiences;
  • Reduce the number of guest per guide from six to four
  • Move with sanitizer chemicals on the trail and sanitize regularly
  • Always keep a distance between the community and guests or staff and guests during the trek or community experience.
  • Avoid wearing a mask during a demanding trek but have it handy to be dressed whenever you may be forced to crowd in one location
During the stay at the camp
  • All staff and guest are expected to wear face masks all the time
  • Provide sanitizer liquids in all areas of the hotel to enable regular sanitizing
  • Obey the social distance signage and furniture sets
  • Reduce crowds and leave a space of at least 1.5 meters between persons.
  • All trash cans in the isolation area must be lined with a plastic bag and be properly disposed of with the guidance of the covid19 task force. 
  • Wash all used items including beddings, in the recommended detergents, plenty of water, and dry in direct sunlight.
  • All implements and amenities will be replaced or sanitized after each use.
  • If anyone shows signs of sickness with a likeness to covid19, isolate them, refer to their record and call the covid19 task force for further investigation.
  • Staff must sanitize and disinfect all commonly touched surfaces after each use
  • All guests will be served sitting down on their designated sitting area.
  • Each guest team will be served independently to avoid the mixing of different groups.
  • Practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces. High touch surfaces include Tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, etc.

“Clean and safe for your stay”