An open opportunity of exploring over 600 bird species, ten primate species including chimps, and 95 mammal species, awaits all visitors to queen Elizabeth national park. Just in two days of adventure in this astonishing wildlife paradise, you have a chance of sampling east Africa’s bird list since the park has a representation of each on the Kazinga channel. Besides, the channel contains the highest concentration of hippos in Africa as it is witnessed by the availability of multitudes of hippo schools, during the boat cruise.

Queen Elizabeth is the most popular wildlife area in Uganda. it is a human biosphere offering all ranges of attractions including landscapes, adventure wildlife, birding, water activities, research and culture as it is a human biosphere with the highest number of human communities living pleasantly with the wildlife inside the park. Sightseeing activities in queen Elizabeth national park can be done in any number of days ranging from one to five or longer, depending on time available, purpose and budget. The list of activities that can be done during this memorable visit includes;

The game drive is better done in the mornings and evening, meaning you can do up to two safaris per day.

Each Kazinga Channel launch trip takes two hours. From Mweya it can be done twice a day while with the community boat it is done any time of the day, subject to prior booking.

Chimpanzee tracking can be done in two alternative locations; Kyambura gorge and Kalinzu forest.

Share with us the number of days you have for queen Elizabeth national park and we will put together the suitable itinerary for you. We can also book your accommodation on request