Rwenzori Mountains of the moon… A unique experience in Uganda

Ruboni community camp gives you an opportunity to explore the Rwenzori Mountains and foothills like a local. During the visit, you have a chance to participate in the village walk, the hill trek, the forest nature walk or the trek to the high mountain peaks in side Rwenzori mountain national park. Each of the village walk takes an estimate of 3-4 hours but you can extend it by joining two walks or even going for the overnight hill trek on the top of a 2400m high hill within the village. Besides the unique culture, the visit also give you an opportunity to experience this mountain ecosystem to be able to understand why it is called the largest water catchment in Uganda that feeds the Nile River.

All community walks take you through the rustic villages over the hills and valleys as you experience the local way of life. Agriculture is the main economic and household activity done in this rural setting. You will be meeting the local people on their way to or from the mountain farms. To enjoy the experience, you can ask your guide for chances to participate in the different activities that may catch your eye, and you will never forget the smiles offered by the locals when you interact with them. You can participate in the farming tour with one of the local household. Carrying the basked on your back with a fresh harvest of beans from the mountain farm makes you understand the real life in Africa.

The village walk takes you to five homes showcasing the different activities people in this mountain community do in their daily life. The experiences include a black smith making local tools from recycled iron, a basket weaver making different types of handicrafts, a farmer tending to the animals and crops around their home, a traditional story teller sharing the hidden cultural secrets behind the life of Bakonzo people through traditional stories in the local dialect while your guide translates and the traditional healer telling you how to treat the local ailments using the traditional power from God that is believed to come from the mountains.

Ruboni community is located at the base camp only 48km from Queen Elizabeth national park, making it possible to visit for a day or to spend a night. For those who have just one day, this is how you will add it to your wildlife safari in Queen Elizabeth national park. Set off from Queen Elizabeth national park in the morning and participate in the walk of your choice, retire to lunch and return to Queen Elizabeth national park or the next destination on your plan. Spending a night is even a better experience since you will be able to interact more with the community through the various activities that may allow you to view margarita peak from the various locations of the hill top in the mornings and evenings. Ruboni community camp and other lodges in the area provide perfect accommodation with beautiful mountain views.

You may also want to take a bigger challenge of trekking the mountains. This is a world class mountain challenge that you will find nowhere else in east Africa. The journey to the higher peaks can be four categories. 1). Taking a nature walk that gets you back in the community within the same day after trekking up to 2650 meters at the first camp.  2).The second category is taking the three days two nights trek on Mahoma trail that takes you up to 3300 meters high.  3).The third Category is taking the seven days central circuit trail that takes you up to 4023 meters as the highest point. 4).The fourth category is spending eight days up to margarita peak that takes you to mount sanely at 5109 meters high.

To take the unbeaten path and explore the Rwenzori mountains before, during or after your visit to Queen Elizabeth national park. You can book through the elephant home or book Ruboni community camp directly here.