Rwenzori mountain trekking experience complements Queen Elizabeth wildlife Safari

Rwenzori is a beauty above the odds. The name “Rwenzori” is inspired by the local Bakonzo dialect meaning a natural source of water. Setting your eyes and foot on Rwenzori, will rise your imagination of Uganda, the pearl of Africa. Rwenzori is a perfect mix of nature and culture as you explore the foothills or the high peaks to witness snow at the equator. A visit to Rwenzori mountains gives you an opportunity to experience a Uganda known to very few travelers.

Fortunately, Rwenzori mountains beauty and level of challenge still awaits discovery. This mountain is still unknown to 99.5% of the visitors who come to Uganda, making it the least known but most challenging mountain on earth!!  Despite its location, 40 km away from Queen Elizabeth national park (one of the most visited parks of Uganda), many people still miss the golden opportunity to visit this fountain of beauty.

In a special arrangement, we have created an opportunity to bring guest from queen Elizabeth national park to explore Rwenzori mountains using whatever time available to them, ranging from hours to days. From queen Elizabeth, Rwenzori mountains can be  visited in the time as short as two hours. The activities available include a traditional lunch or coffee experience and other cultural encounters, short walks in the foothills looking for small animals accustomed to this area like chameleons or trekking from 1 – 8 days in the mountains, for those more prepared to visit the high mountains.  This tour extension is an opportunity to learn how Rwenzori mountain influences the entire ecosystem of up to five  national parks (including queen Elizabeth) and a multitude of human communities in  Uganda and Congo. You will definitely be inspired by this Rwenzori experience!!

This unique experience covers two national park of Queen Elizabeth and Rwenzori mountains.

Day 1: On the arrival day to Queen Elizabeth, after checking in your hotel, you will get set for the trekking. The days activities include going to Kasese town, 15-20 minutes away, to buy supplies for the trek. Return to a nice lunch or early dinner. The rest of the evening, stay at the camp fire as you catch up with the locals about their life with the wildlife of queen Elizabeth national park.

Day 2: You will be participating in the wildlife safari in queen Elizabeth national park. This includes a game drive on the Kasenyi tracks looking for the big five, the cats and other wildlife, a boat cruise on Kazinga channel and a few other wildlife or community activities. Depending on your choice, other activities may include a visit to lake Katwe traditional salt mines, the community bodaboda safari, chimp tracking in Kyambura or Kalinzu forests, the crater lakes walk, cotton growing experience or visiting the equator. After witnessing one of the best wildlife experience, you will transfer to the Rwenzori base camp this evening, arriving to dinner and overnight.

Day 3: In the morning, after an early breakfast, you will go for the trek of your preferred duration. You can trek the Rwenzori in many packages from just one day up to eight days and above, where you access the high snow picks. Trekking can be done through one of the four different gates. These include; Kilembe southern gate, Nyakalengija central circuit gate, Kichwamba Bukurungu trail and or Kinyampanika trail. for thse who dont feel prepared, you will scale the lower slopes or the communities in the foothills where you can walk up to 2400m to look for the views of margarita peak, the portal peaks and other scenic view with background of Bakonzo traditional homesteads dotted over the hills and valleys.

On your return from the trek, you will spend one night at the base camp where you will have chances of participating in the cultural encounters with the local community. This is also the best time to connect to another destination of your itinerary including Kibale national park (117km). For those interested in the gorilla experience after Rwenzori, a return to the elephant home is ideal, to be able to connect to southwestern (Bwindi) the next morning. The elephant home is centrally located on the main tourist route and can be used as a base for exploring all the attractions in the region. You can contact the elephant home, or  Rainforest and comminty tours for any support and formation.