looking for cheap accommodation at queen Elizabeth national park.

If you need cheap accommodation near Queen Elizabeth national park, please look no further. The Elephant home is a lodge of priority for the guests who want to explore Queen Elizabeth national park on low budget. It is a cheap but high value accommodation.This camp offers three options of accommodation from self-contained twin rooms, none self-contained cabin and a camping ground. From our restaurant, guests can order meals, buy crafts from the curio shop that sales locally made hand crafts. The staff have been trained to provide a high level of hospitality, delicious meals and well managed guest rooms. This is why our staff pay very close attention to hygiene hospitality and  clients demand allowing the visitors to have a memorable stay.

The lodge is located within the queen Elizabeth national park ecosystem, neighboring area close to the paradise of elephants who are regular visitors to the camp during the nightly visits. At the lodge, the brave baboons or buffaloes may be spotted in the broad day light . The elephant home is a favorite of birds and other wildlife crossing from the park and this is why the bird life at the camp is immense. you will also witness resident birds nesting within the property. During the stay, Sleep to the sounds of the hyena laughing in the Savannah of queen Elizabeth national park and wake up to the calls of the birds every morning. From the hilly side, view wildlife grazing in the park on the edges of lake George. The wildlife here include buffalo, hippos, antelope and elephants.

The elephant home is located 393km from Kampala city, 96km from fort portal or 132km from Mbarara. It can be accessed from fort portal town via Kasese (north) or from Mbarara town via Katurnguru (south). It is situated apposite the national park, on Kasese Mbarara highway, 22km from Kasese town. It is accessible by any means of transport (public and private) the taxis can be got from Kasese town and it will take you about 15 minutes to arrive. From Kampala, you will take a bus going to Bwera, from Kisenyi bus terminal, downtown and travel through Fort portal. Tell the bus to stop you at the elephant home, before Kikorongo junction. For those coming from Mbarara, you will take a taxi in Mbarara taxi park and tell them to stop you at the elephant home, past Kikorongo junction.