Kalinzu forest, an activity travelers can do around queen Elizabeth national park.

Kalinzu forest is an open opportunity for every traveler looking to trek nature trails in the thick tropical jungles of Uganda. If you have ever admired the images of the forest jungles in a nature magazine or on the national geographic channel, Kalinzu forest is only a little thicker and richer. Kalinzu forest located next to queen Elizabeth national park, has four established nature trails that travelers choose from. These include; the palm trail, water falls trail, river trail and valley trail. to every traveler, Kalinzu turns up to be an unforgettable adventure. On arrival to the forest trail starting point, it can sometimes be challenging to choose the activity or trail you should do because they are all amazing. Before you start trekking, the experienced guides will give you a good orientation, making it easy to select the suitable trail.

Given its location on the route from Kampala or Bwindi gorilla national park to queen Elizabeth. This Forest is suited for those travelling to or from Queen Elizabeth national park. Kalinzu forest is located 20 to 30 minutes drive from queen Elizabeth national park. You will find this an easy to reach or to arrange adventure in the smallest time available. We arrange this activity freely at no additional cost for all guests who stay with us at the elephant home. It is also possible to do any activity of choice on the last day and connect to the next destination such as Bwindi, Rwenzori, Kibale or lake bunyonyi, if this was your last day of stay in queen Elizabeth national park.

It is a rich habitat of primates (including chimps and other five species), birds, butter flies, insects, a diverse plant life, rivers and water falls, grasslands and various mammals. The forest offers opportunities for one to get immersed in the natural forest for up to a full day while exploring a collection of Ugandan wildlife in their natural habitat. Located next to Queen Elizabeth national park, some other game such as wild pigs, antelopes, elephants, baboons and others cross from the park to the forest making it even more interesting.

The River Trail: It is a wonderful show case of kalinzu forest, Suited for those who want to track of about 1 hour on a short trek. The trek is about 2.5km you will be taken through the forest to find the river famous for offering the bathing pools for the Elephants that move from queen Elizabeth national park. The river trail activity has been set to follow the famous elephants as Kajojo is derived from “Enjojo”, the local name for elephant. As visitors seek this famous Kajojo River, you may also find some of the six primate species found in the forest. during the trail, you will observe unique tree and plant species, some of which are remarkably huge and unique. The experienced guide will interpret every plant you find on the trail linking them to the natural background of the forest or local community livelihoods.

The Palm Trail: tree lovers will definitely be amazed by this trail. Kalinzu forest is fond of large palm trees that any other forest in the area. the activity takes you through a blend of green and flowery vegetation. Trekkers taken through a trail under a canopy with open opportunities of taking the unique scenery of queen Elizabeth landscape. The various types of trees that will be explored during this trek include Raphia palms whose leaves are used to make the beautiful Ugandan baskets and other crafts, the various flame trees standing out in the forest with their red shades in the deep green canopy. Every plant you find here is connected to the local community life in various ways such as medicinal, economic or social as the guide will educate you during the trek. This nature trail is relatively longer and takes up to 2 hours, on a flat walking track.

The Valley Trail: Famous for the scenery and open views, travelers can choose to take the valley trail. The trail takes you for up to 2 hours giving opportunities of taking views over the steep valleys of Kalinzu forest landscape. It is a 3.5km trail that gives a cross section of all the natural features of Kalinzu forest. It involve hiking over the ridges and valleys while looking for the plant and animal life famous in the forest. On a lucky day, you will spot the primates, or other mammals resident in the forest or those that visit from queen Elizabeth national park. The nature trail showcases many trees including the Viagra trees and many others as you or the guide will point out to every interesting features during the trek and listen to the interesting facts from the perfect education from guide.

The Waterfall Trail: This is the longest nature trail in kalinzu forest. It is a loop that takes travelers through the forested hills and scenic ridges. If you plan to or have visited queen Elizabeth national park Savannah, you will realize that this is the opposite. During the trek, you will traverse the wetlands, forests and grasslands exploring the representative ecosystem of each habitat. The forest sounds, colorful bird, primates and other mammals, the unique elusive insects, until you reach the outstanding Kirayntama waterfalls surrounded by a bountiful well watered medicinal trees and plants. This nature trail is suited for those who have enough time and are more prepared to explore. It is about 11km long and takes an average of five hours to complete the trail.

Besides the four established nature trails, kalinzu forest is popular for chimp tracking experience. The chimp tracking experience of kalinzu stands out of all options in queen Elizabeth national park. It is the cheapest, as visitors pay one fee that covers both entrance and tracking fees, most flexible since you don’t need to buy tickets in advance but just have to be there in time on the day of tracking, can be joined by children of up to 12 years, and has a big number of habituated (used to people) chimps of up to 70 where you can be able to find and play with up to 30 chimps during the trek for up to an hour. The tracking is done twice a day; at 8:00am and 3:00pm.

For only 65$, we can offer you one night accommodation plus chimp tracking in this nature paradise tht will eneble you to scale Kalinzu forest during your next visit to queen Elizabeth national park. Please note that this offer is available for a limited time. If you want to take this offer, please quote ” one nightKalinzu package” in your communication to; info@theelephanthome.com whatsapp: +256780278020