Items you will need during a safari in Queen Elizabeth national park

This is a list of items  you will need to do a wildlife safari in queen Elizabeth national park and get the best out of it.

  • A private car: All places in the park will be accessed by car. There are no public shared cars unless you make an arrangement with the transport providers. Roads in the park are all dirt and open to hash weather conditions. A 4WD car will perform better, to avoid disappointments while on safari. Most preferably, choose an open roof/ popup roof car for better performance.
  • Safari guide fee: The Park charges a small fee per car going on game drive covering all the people in the car. The paid to the park is receipted and covers the time of the game drive. If interested in a private none- ranger guide, then you will agree on the price with the specific guide.
  • Camera and binoculars: Queen Elizabeth is an extended savannah. Sometimes wildlife can be at far ranges. Binoculars will be very useful to enhance your safari experience. Like for any safari a camera is handy as well.
  • Sun hat, sun glasses and sun lotion: Queen Elizabeth is crossed by the equator and can be very hot all day. During such times, you will need protection from the sun in any way possible. Other than these, you may apply your personal options of protecting yourself from the sun.
  • Insect repellent: During certain seasons, the area am have many mosquitoes and other insects, commonly on the lake shores and in the buses. Carry your best performing insect repellent as you may need it.
  • Enough drinking water: A bottle of drinking water on your side will do you good during the safari in Queen Elizabeth national park, to avoid dehydration.
  • Some pocket money: Unless it is covered by a tour operator, you will need to have lunch during the game drive in or around the national park. this requires some cash since you will not find an ATM machine inside or close to the park during the game drive (as of October 2018) the pocket money will also enable you to participate in any other activities you may find such as purchase of crafts or community activities.
  • Individual park entrance fee: This charge is per person entering. The rate is determined by the different categories of children, students, east African residents, foreign residents and foreign none residents. All categories have to be verified by authentic identification documents.
  • Car entrance fee: This is charges per automobile entering the park. The fee is predetermined in the tariff basing on the weight and nationality of automobile registration. They range from motorcycles to buses and categorized in Ugandan registration to foreign registration. Each unit of payment covers 24 hours from the time of entering.
  • Boat cruise fee. This is paid per person joining the boat cruise. The fee covers 2 hours experience of the boat cruise and expires at the end of the trip paid.
  • Any other items of specific or professional interest: Depending on your customs, interest and profession, you may have other personal requirement. Please consider these seriously as you will hardly have access to supply points during the game drive. Just make sure you’re well stocked on these and the above requirements to avoid disappointment.

Please contact Rainforest and community tours or any other tour operator of your choice to provide any further support, advice and services basing on your interest and time of visiting Queen Elizabeth national park. This way you will be informed of the rates and prices or any other changes at the time. We look forward to welcoming you to the elephant home lodge during your stay.