How to get a good safari guide in Queen Elizabeth national park

Taking a wildlife safari without a good guide can lower the value of your safari experience? I take this opportunity to guide you on how to get the right guide for your safari in Queen Elizabeth national park.  Many people may claim to be safari guides and guests will be disappointed on safari when it is already too late.

What is a safari guide I am talking about?

A safari guide is presumably a person who is experienced and passionate with wildlife of a localized ecosystem and proud to share the love and passion for wildlife with visitors or other travelers who have come to experience the beauty of that specific area.

The safari guide focuses on the smallest component of the ecosystem to relate it to the largest while showing how these small microorganisms affect the larger species of the ecosystem. For example, the experienced safari guide will prefer to look at the elephant dunk and the small organisms that live in and around it, before looking at the actual elephant, to be able to give the guests a good understanding of how the ecosystem is kept healthy with the contribution of the smaller organisms to make it a better home for the larger ones.

From this, you realize that a safari guide requires special skills to conduct a good tour. These skills may be too critical and not obvious to the observer or the visitor being guided. This is why sometimes it will be a challenge getting the best safari guide that will make your safari a memorable one.

A safari guide for Queen Elizabeth national park

For your safari in Queen Elizabeth national park, the guides should be able to unveil to you the background of the ecosystem without leaving the local communities, the large mammals, the waters and microorganisms unique to this wonderful national park. The safari guides to take you around Queen Elizabeth national park during your safari can be found through several ways;

  1. Contact your hotel to suggest one best safari guide. Every hotel around the park has connections with guides that take their guests on the game drive. They will easily tell which guide is good and which one is not worthy. They will also advise you on how much you can pay or tip the guide.
  2. Contact your trusted tour operator to identify one guide for you. This will help the tour operator to plan in advance and ensure that you will find the guide available during your safari.
  3. Pay 20$ to the park and get one ranger to guide during your safari. If you pay to enter this park for the game drive, you can add 20$ to get one ranger guide per group/ car.
  4. Pay to join the boat cruise and the money you pay for the boat cruise includes one general guide for the entire boat.
  5. Online blogs and platforms. You will find good recommendations online from the past visitors.
  6. If you haven’t got the time and opportunity to do all the above, you can try this last one; find them at meeting places such as Katunguru town, Kyambura, Kikorongo or Katwe. These areas are located on the main tourist hubs within Queen Elizabeth national park. You will easily scout for a guide here. If you can, better to use better contacts to tell a good one from the rest.

Sometimes guides can be too busy during the peak season. To get a good safari guide, you need to prepare early enough; before arrival or at arrival.  In case you have been too busy to get one, The Elephant Home has standby professional safari guide who can provide the services during your safari. Please contact us if you need one. We can also help you on any other safari services such as accommodation, transportation or arranging your trip to Queen Elizabeth national park.