How to arrange wildlife safari activities in queen Elizabeth national park, cheaply.

Have you been wondering what is the best and cheap way to arrange your wildlife safari in queen Elizabeth national park? In the past, people have spent allot of resources and endured long waiting to put together a safari in queen Elizabeth national park. There is no more reason for spending  a penny trying to put together a safari in this park. The easiest and most accurate answer is simple; you can arrange your wildlife safari in queen Elizabeth by contacting the community at  the elephant home. If you mention to us, your dates and the number of people on the group, your safari will be arranged within 2-6 hours.  It is time to use the experience of the indigenous community who are the experts of this area, to put together a unique safari. This will cut the safari costs and save you the long chains of communication. A long list of activities, experience guided and attractions have been put together by the elephant home and will be simply tailored to your interest within the shortest time at no additional cost.

The elephant home is a community run lodge located at Kikorongo. The lodge is an innovation of the local community to provide easy access to the park wildlife using the community skills and hospitality. This doesn’t only give opportunities to the community but also makes the safari, allot cheaper and realistic for the safari seekers. For those planning to travel without a tour operator, but want to have the best safari, all safari solutions are found at the elephant home. Do not worry about the fees for arranging your safari, this comes as part of your benefits on the standard accommodation costs. The elephant home is trying to make it easy for more people to visit the park and the local communities affordably and realistically. It is an open opportunity. Every traveler to queen Elizabeth national park is our target for this offer, so grab it now!!

Your free safari arrangement is just one email  away. Just book your stay today and tell us the number of people coming along. We will send you a quick quote with a breakdown of all activities you have chosen. Upon your approval of the offer, an invoice will be sent and that will be it. The only requirement is to book a stay and you will have paid for safari arrangement costs. Yes, you read right, it is a safari in queen Elizabeth national park, arranged in one day within your accommodation costs. no commissions and administration fees or taxes. Book or  Contact us today to put together your safari.

Please note that, all accommodation reservations are subject to availability. our accommodation is quite scarce and competitive. However, if we have no space, we will suggest other similar lodges and still arrange your safari at no cost.