Holiday packages to choose from, when you stay at the Elephant home.

The Elephant home is a community lodge located next to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Being located near one of the most visited parks in Uganda, the lodge offers a spectrum of holiday activities to travelers who choose this park for their holiday.

Queen Elizabeth National park is a prime holiday destination for both local and foreign visitors traveling around Uganda. It is located in western Uganda, next to other important parks and biological sanctuaries of Uganda, including; the Rwenzori Mountains to the west, Kibale National Park to the north, and Bwindi Impenetrable forest to the south. Other wildlife reserves include the Kyambura gorge, Kalinzu forest, maramagambo forest, Kasyoha kitomi and the crater lakes area to the east of the park

Many guests coming to western Uganda always find it convenient to add Queen Elizabeth and other neighboring nature reserves on their list. Indeed the list of activities one can do at this area is very long and very few guests will have enough time and budget to do all activities on one trip. At the elephant home lodge, we make activity choices and arrangements easier for visitors by putting them in a number of packages. The lodge provides a list of up to six categories of holiday packages that everyone can choose from. Each package is designed to appeal to a certain varied or specific traveler interest. If you look in the following packages, you will realize that we have one or more choices that suit your holiday interests too.

All-inclusive package

It is a two nights three days package covering accommodation, meals, It is a two nights three days package covering accommodation, meals, wildlife safari and a boat cruise on the Kazinga channel. This package suites guest who have limited fixed time and or wants to arrange everything at once to be able to concentrate on exploring from the time of arrival. Most guests love it because they don’t have to manage their bills and choices all through their trip. They clear everything in advance so they don’t travel with redundant cash.

Accommodation only package

The components of this package are meals and accommodation. It is charged per night stayed. In this package, you decide the activities on arrival. It works well for people who want to travel flexibly and be able to decide what to do on a day to day basis. Depending on guest interest, we can charge accommodation on bed and breakfast (BB), half board (HB) or full board (FB) basis. The staff will offer all the required time to tell guests what they can do during their stay. We can also organise guides and cars for the activities in and outside the park. If you choose this package, please mention the accommodation price structure you want.

Shared package

This includes joining an existing prior arranged wildlife activity. The activities that are in this category include; wildlife safari and boat cruise. It has a component of sharing the overhead costs such as the car/ driver and fuel, the guide, the initial costs of a boat cruise and others of the kind. After sharing the overheads, each guest pays their individual personal costs such as entrance fees meals, accommodation etc. All these other costs such as meals and refreshments on this package are normally optional. This package is suited for guests who 1). Want to travel on a budget, by sharing the overhead costs with other travelers or 2). Those guests who want to meet new people during travel 3). Those who want to join large groups to enhance their enjoyment of the activity. At the elephant home we know this may be your choice of package. Please share with us your plans.

Community encounters

This is a two days package. It entails a series of community experiences around the national park showcasing the local life of the people who live with wildlife all their lifetime, generation after generation. The package is suited for guests who want to add community experience to their wildlife safari. Within the two days or more, the package can be enriched with intervals of integrating wildlife safaris and boat cruise at an additional cost for these wildlife activities. Please let us know if this suite your travel interest and plans.

Volunteer placements

For you who likes to travel differently. This package gives interns, experienced travelers or passionate explores an opportunity to learn, share and or discover intensively in a new exotic environment. This is for people who don’t like to be traditional tourists. It is an opportunity to share by contributing part of oneself to the local cause that changes lives or conserves the local environment. We salute the volunteers and dedicate this to them. In this arrangement, we have put up a set of opportunities for our guests to reach, leave and participate in our conservation and community development work. We provide a package that includes discounted accommodation/meals and the available work to be done on a day to day basis. Volunteers are placed in the local schools and education programs, water and sanitation projects, crafts and waste management projects, child development projects, women empowerment programs. During the volunteer work, guests may choose to participate in wildlife and other holiday activities at intervals.

Safaris and trips

As we concentrate on helping our guests explore Queen Elizabeth national park and surrounding areas, we have strong connections with other community and none community attractions around the country. This package is suited to empower our guests during travel by helping them travel comfortably and confidently around Uganda. On request, we link our guests to agencies and groups that organize safaris and trips around Uganda, near and far. Being a member of the Uganda Community Tourism Association (UCOTA) we network with other members around the country or link you to the national community tourism coordinators that will provide reliable information about traveling around Uganda. Through this package, we have managed to give our guests an opportunity to have high value local on-ground safari managers and destinations that give them a complete Uganda experience at very minimal costs.

Conservation trips

working with community conservation projects and tour companies, we organize tree planting events on our property, in our community or other communities around Queen Elizabeth or other conservation areas. This package is for a passionate conservation traveler who wants to offset the carbon footprint of travel and other human activities by contributing to re-greening the globe.  Guests who choose this package are required to sponsor tree planting alongside their holiday activities of choice. The sponsorship goes to a chosen number of trees and their management for one year to enable the planted trees to suppress the bushes creating a forest. Through the year of the trees growing, we keep in touch sharing the progress and our guests are able to see their effort turning the bare lands into forests. this is for you if you want to do one of the most motivating selfless action during your travel time.

We may not guarantee that all our packages will suit everyone but we are sure every traveler to queen Elizabeth National park will find one package to remember all their life. Besides the packages, we also tailor holidays for guests who may not find a suitable package.

These products have been designed to make it easy for visitors to explore the Queen Elizabeth National Park. We prefer that any guests who want to choose a package books before arrival. Please contact us today and let us work together to make your dream holiday that will definitely turn to be a life-time experience.