Come and visit the Elephants at discounted, low season offers!!!

We have been impressed by the numbers of visitor arrivals this last season. Thank you to all those who read our information anywhere and stayed, passed-by. We have entered our low season and wish to invite you again for our up to 50% discount offers  on accommodation and wildlife safaris looking to the elephants and other wildlife. The camp is open all the time to provide you accommodation, meals, coffee and community tours.

After our humble establishment in 2015, now you can find a number of services at the campsite including;

  • Spacious and clean self-contained rooms.
  • Delicious meals, snacks and some drinks
  • A village walk that gives you the insights on the local way of life
  • A hill hike to the hills overlooking queen Elizabeth national park
  • A self-guided plant and bird tour on the site
  • A small curio shop selling locally made handicrafts
  • queen Elizabeth national park wildlife safari

We are working on more service areas to ensure we can continue to meet more of our clients’ expectations.

For more information about the Elephant center campsite and how you can get there, please read more about us on this website or contact us



Tel: +2650780278010 / +265706581477

Thank you all, for the support!!