Elephant Facts: Food eaten by both, Elephants and people in Uganda

  Uganda is home to over 5000 elephants by this year, 2019. It is still the safest home to elephants in east Africa during this wave of elephant poaching that is moving over the entire African continent. The two subspecies of elephants found in this country are, the savannah elephants (Loxodonta africana) and the forest […]


Traveling to Queen Elizabeth national park from Lake Bunyonyi

Queen Elizabeth National park is located 526km north of Lake Bunyonyi in the albertine rift of western Uganda. After Lake Bunyonyi, a favorite of majority of travelers to the gorilla highlands, the next destination is normally to participate in a wildlife safari in one of the most popular wildlife areas, queen Elizabeth national park. The […]

Three best ways to travel from Kampala to Queen Elizabeth national park.

Queen Elizabeth national park is located about 400km west of Kampala. The two optional routes to get you to queen Elizabeth national park are; Fort portal-Mubende road (390km) and Masaka-Mbarara road (398km) The road is mainly tarmac. The travel time ranges from 1-7 hours basing on the mode of transport used; from the list below, […]

Queen Elizabeth national park activities

Activities inside the queen Elizabeth national park; Kazinga channel boat cruise: You will be exposed to a long list of birds including migrant species in certain seasons. The ride is an opportunity to witness mammal and other game  coolling off along the shores. This evergreen territory is dear to every kind of wildlife from queen Elizabeth […]