Kazinga channel and other Activities in Queen Elizabeth national park

  An open opportunity of exploring over 600 bird species, ten primate species including chimps, and 95 mammal species, awaits all visitors to queen Elizabeth national park. Just in two days of adventure in this astonishing wildlife paradise, you have a chance of sampling east Africa’s bird list since the park has a representation of […]

Accommodation next to Queen Elizabeth national park

The elephant home is a lodge that offers all her visitors, a memorable experience of Queen Elizabeth national park. Located next to the park on the base of Rwenzori foothills, in Kikorongo village, the lodge gives guests an opportunity for easy access at arrival time and to the park game drive. It also opens guests […]

Accommodation adjacent to Queen Elizabeth national park

  This is your gate way to a peaceful stay with the community and wildlife, in the most convenient accommodation next to Queen Elizabeth National park. The elephant home offers delightful Lodging for all tastes with the lowest prices and spacious rooms. It is located in the tourism zone of Queen Elizabeth national park, at […]

Accommodation at queen Elizabeth national park – the elephant home

Located in the Elephant grazing grounds, outside queen Elizabeth national park, is the elephant home community lodge. Like the name suggests, this accommodation is a home for wildlife and for the travelers who want to explore queen Elizabeth beyond the park boundaries. It is like a home in the jungle with no crowds unless the […]

Where to stay, during a wildlife safari in queen Elizabeth national park.

Are you looking for a place to stay near queen Elizabeth national park? The elephant home will definitely be your answer for this search. Besides accommodation at this community lodge, you will find information and support you need to arrange the most memorable wildlife safari activities in this medley of wonders, as part of our […]

Where to see elephants in Uganda – queen Elizabeth national park

If you want to see the elephants in Uganda, then you should better be destined to the elephant home. The elephant home is a community lodge located next to queen Elizabeth national park, 390km from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The elephant home is not just a name to this accommodation facility. It is […]

Kazinga channel boat cruise in queen Elizabeth national park.

Travelers seeking to do Kazinga channel boat cruise during their safari of queen Elizabeth national park, now have a long list of optional boats and tours to choose from. The local community has opened boat opportunities for the guests who want to explore different from the usual trail. This community boat cruise is possible without […]