The Bakonzo people and the Rwenzori Mountains

The Bakonzo are Bantu-speaking people. This tribe is one of the 54 tribes of Uganda. They live on the Rwenzori Mountains and are until now, known as the indigenous tribe for this mountain. The Bakonzo people originally traveled from the Congo and settled here about 300 years ago.  There are about 800 000 Bakonzo people […]

A thrilling trek on the hills next to Queen Elizabeth National park

Experience one of the most outstanding moments while at Queen Elizabeth National Park by participating in the village hill trek. It is a 3-5 hours hill trail overlooking this wildlife-packed savannah of Queen Elizabeth, astride Lake George at the equator. The trek offers one of the best views in the area. This panoramic view gives […]

History of Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth is the second oldest park in Uganda. Its size is 1978 square km, making it the second-largest in Uganda. This park was established in the year 1952 as Kazinga National Park. This name lasted only two years, then it was renamed to its current name to commemorate the visit of the queen of […]

Transport and movements in and around Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth is dissected by a national public highway from Mbarara to Kasese/ fort portal. This road is tarmac and all-weather standard. The road makes a loop from Kampala and back to Kampala on both ends, making it easy to access Queen Elizabeth National Park by public transport. You can easily find buses from Kampala […]

Common animals in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth is home to over 95 mammals and more than 500 bird species and a variety of reptiles and small insects. The common animals you may see during your visit include; African savannah Elephants Giant forest hog Uganda Kob Hippopotamus African Buffalo Waterbucks Nile crocodile Antelopes Lions Leopards Wathorgs Mangoos Topi Chimps Vervet monkeys, Black […]

About Queen Elizabeth National park

Location and access: Queen Elizabeth is located about 400km, on the equator, west of Kampala. From Kampala, the two routes that can be used to access the park are; Kampala-Mubende Fort portal route. Masaka-Mbarara route. For road transport, public and private means is easy to arrange from Kampala city, at no extra cost other than […]

The Elephant Home prepared to host guests in the new normal, post covid-19

We are pleased to hear that Entebbe airport will be open for commercial passenger flights, starting 1st October 2020. This gives us a new hope for an increase in business, considering that tourists will now be allowed to fly into Uganda.   During this time of post covid-19 pandemic lockdown, hygiene is of highest priority […]

Holiday packages to choose from, when you stay at the Elephant home.

The Elephant home is a community lodge located next to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Being located near one of the most visited parks in Uganda, the lodge offers a spectrum of holiday activities to travelers who choose this park for their holiday. Queen Elizabeth National park is a prime holiday destination for both local and […]