The amazing Kazinga channel boat cruise – 2 hrs

This community run kazinga channel Boat cruise is Simple, affordable, flexible, and amazing!

It is the Kazinga channel Boat experience that you have never taken before. Looking for wildlife in the most unique way, that nothing stands between you and the animals. Not even the trees or plants allow these animals to hide for one minute.  During this kazinga Channel Boat cruise, you will find the animals are in action, lined on the banks cooling off!

A new Kazinga boat cruise is organized by the local community. Besides the cruise itself, the guides are very hospitable and they cater to every need. While on the boat, you even get safely closer to the animals than you would on any occasion, for that unique moment with these animals in their natural habitat. No wonder all our guests’ community who choose this trip during their visit to Queen Elizabeth really love this boat safari experience.  The stay at the elephant home makes this experience even more complete. It makes the Kazinga channel more accessible by all means of transport; private, public, or bodaboda!

This had never been possible before. It has always been so hard for guests to sort their boat cruise. The fixed times for the cruise are also no longer there to limit your chances of participating in the cruise. Come any time of the day and you will go for the cruise. It runs any time of the day, between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm. this means the earliest you can take is at 7:00am while the latest you can take is at 5:00pm, allowing 2 hours of the experience before 7:00pm, the closing time of the park gates.

Will you be alone or two and you fear there may be no people to join? No problem. Now you don’t need to be a big group to enjoy this amazing animal viewing experience. If you’re alone, you need just one or two more people to join. Alternatively, you can pay an extra fee for this one person then the boat safari is all yours! Besides, in most cases, we always have that small number of people waiting to join us. This is why we are able to have this sorted without you hustling.

Kazinga Channel Boat cruise
Elephants playing in Kazinga Channel Queen Elizabeth N.P

It is a locally run initiative:

run by local community guides living in and around Queen Elizabeth is a sustainability strength of this experience. Our guides are not hired from far. They are just the community members who have lived with the wild animals all their life in the queen Elizabeth habitat. during the cruise, you may not get all the general scientific facts about this wildlife, but you will be getting the specific and latest facts about how these animals live with the people harmoniously sharing the Queen Elizabeth National park habitat.

Queen Elizabeth is a human biosphere. It is a habitat equally shared by people and wildlife. Over time the animals have adjusted to the people’s behavior just as the people have to the needs of the animals, creating a harmony that you will be amazed at, during this boat cruise.

it is the unique Kazinga Channel Boat cruise

The innovation of both the people and wild animals addressing the challenges is another aspect that makes this cruise unique to all others. During the tour, you will see households, fishermen, and tourists sharing the same waters with the hippos, buffalos, elephants, crocodiles and wonder how they manage to do this.

Remember, guests who stay with us, at the elephant home, on the night before they participate in this boat cruise find it a lot easier to benefit from our arrangements, hospitable guides, and the amazing boat cruise experience. Our rooms are comfortable, spacious, clean, and self-contained.

Oh, I almost forgot to say the last but most important information. I want to remind you that you can book this boat cruise and our accommodation right here on our website. Payments for both the boat safari and accommodation can also be done in advance or on arrival at the lodge.

Which date should we book you on? Feel free to contact us any time when you have the answer!