Accommodation at the elephant home, during a safari in queen Elizabeth national park

During your trip to queen Elizabeth national park, you ought to stay in a place that gives you the best value for money. At the elephant home, the community at Kikorongo is doing everything to give you this comfortable stay. The lodge is located in the most serene part of the community to offer the insight of privacy, nature and culture with the friendliest staff. Located next to the park, you will be welcomed to self-contained rooms, a restaurant and all information you needed to fully explore the varied ecosystems of queen Elizabeth national park. During the stay in our accommodation facilities, you will sometimes be visited by wildlife such as elephants, giving you personal closeness to nature.

This accommodation marge two mighty landscapes. The rugged Rwenzori mountains of the moon and queen Elizabeth national park Savannah. We are located at the base of the Rwenzori mountains yet touching queen Elizabeth national park. This gives our guests an opportunity to experience the two magical lands of Uganda through a long list of activities we have on offer. The scenery of the backdrop of the legendary Rwenzori mountains, to the rift valley escapement gives a true relaxing moment in this game territory that is also full of cultural wonders. From our self-guided walk your full-time site will be the Savannah spotted with rift valley lakes; Kikorongo and George besides the Kazinga channel that lay in the main wildlife grazing grounds of queen Elizabeth national park.

During your stay, you can choose to participate in the wildlife safari activities and cultural encounters in and outside the park. These including the game drives in Kasenyi, Ishasha or mweya peninsular, the boat cruise on kazinga channel and kyambura chimp experience.  The cultural encounters include the katwe traditional salt mining, kalinzu forest chimps and forest walks, Kikorongo crafts workshop and traditional dances, the boda-boda safaris, the crater lakes walk in Bunyaruguru and fishing villages on lake George and Edward.

Come witness the wonders in the home of magnificent landscapes, well balance with the lakes, wetlands, extended savannah, and rolling hills lined bellow the rift valley escarpment along the kazinga channel. View how the channel forms a full-time green belt that dissect queen Elizabeth national park with a rich wildlife habitat that you will witness during the boat cruise of your choice.

During the stay, the host community at the elephant home introduces you to this wildlife paradise while closely providing the best meals, hospitality and comfortable stay in the natural and clean environment. Our neighborhood of cotton farms, woodlands and savannah is sweet to the birds, elephants and varied Savannah wildlife. You will definitely enjoy spending your holiday amidst this rich ecosystem. You will also find our lodge the most accessible yet the most private spot in the village, as every one of our visitors have found the lodge whatever they expect out of their accommodation.

Here is how to book your stay. Enjoy the services and support that we offer to arrange all safari and community activities in and around queen Elizabeth national park.