Coming up soon. A plants-wildlife tour outside Queen Elizabeth national park – Uganda.

Nature lovers will soon start enjoying a wonderful tour that is being put together by the community near Queen Elizabeth national Park, in Uganda. This wonderful tour is ideal for travelers, researchers and people who want a quiet moment with or closest to nature within the community. the tour also demonstrates how the community can use the land in the buffer zones to generate income and other benefits without conflicting with wildlife as it currently is near most national parks. The location of this experience just outside the park is home to multitudes of birds that cross from the park and over 200 hundred plant species. I had a wonderful time during my trial visit last month.

Blended with the environment, the experience is a combination of great scenery, wonderful trail surrounded by shrubs and plants of different types that are useful to both the local people and wild life.  In the morning and evenings, you can find so many types of birds. Wildlife spoors can also be sported, on a lucky day as you will see the guide pointing out to the evidence of this. During my trial visit, we were able to see the evidence that about five types of animals from the park visited the night before, . These include the elephant, buffalo, hippos and other small mammals.

The tour will also be sold as a self-guided tour for nature lovers who want to explore alone without the guide interpretation. We only went on this tour for 20 minutes but I can’t wait to enjoy a full episode of this product that will be designed to last 1-2 hours after completion. I will share the news as soon as it is finished and ready to take bookings.