A journey of faith to martyrdom

Tomorrow 3rd June, is Uganda Martyrs day, a festival day respected and celebrated by the Christian community in Uganda and in the world to recognize the killing of the Uganda martyrs at Namugongo and on their journey destined for Namugongo  from the different parts of Buganda kingdom. This day is also recognized by the government and all working community as a public holiday in Uganda. So for all Christians, especially those around Kampala, there can be much reason for not going to celebrate your own faith at Namugongo tomorrow.

During King Mwangas rule, a total of 45 catholic and Anglican martyrs were killed by the then Buganda king from 1885 to 1887.  Besides the martyrs, Mwanga also killed other key christian figures such as bishop James Hannington and his colleagues as part of the campaign to abolish Christianity in the Buganda kingdom during his rule, though his Predecessor Mutesa 1 of the same kingdom had tolerated Christianity in the earlier years.

The whole of this week starting Sunday 29th May 2016 has seen pilgrims arriving  Namugongo from different parts of Uganda and the East African region. The multitudes are coming to attend the celebration this Uganda martyrs day that is Commemorated every 3rd June of the year.

we wish all  the pilgrims and Ugandans, a peaceful celebration and safe return back home with abundance of faith filled in your hearts.