Save your time spent on planning and experience deeper. This full-day package allows you to explore a mix of scenery, culture, and animals during the boat safari, community excursion, and meals with a drink.

Experience beyond the heavenly flavor of vanilla, Join the farmer in the Rwenzori foothills, to take you through the step by step vanilla farming experience

The wildlife wonders in the Kasenyi plains; a paradise for wildlife viewing. This dreamlike safari allows you to bond with nature as you view wildlife in action.

A boat cruise in the tropical jungles of Queen Elizabeth National Park. you will be viewing multitudes of wild animals, including the big five, in their natural habitat

Discover the secrets of growing cotton next to queen Elizabeth National Park. Participate in farming activities while sharing the farmer’s lifelong experience.

Trekking through the remote villages overlooking queen Elizabeth national park gives one of the best views you will find in the area.

A group of local women teaches visitors how to make local handicrafts. Participate and produce your own or buy from other locally made souvenirs on display.

After the wildlife safari, join the community to sing and dance to the traditional music of the Bakonzo tribe neighboring Queen Elizabeth National Park.