An open opportunity of exploring over 600 bird species, ten primate species including chimps, and 95 mammal species, awaits all visitors to queen Elizabeth national park. Just in two days of adventure in this astonishing wildlife paradise, you have a chance of sampling east Africa’s bird list since the park has a representation of each on the Kazinga channel. Besides, the channel contains the highest concentration of hippos in Africa as it is witnessed by the availability of multitudes of hippo schools, during the boat cruise.

Queen Elizabeth is the most popular wildlife area in Uganda. it is a human biosphere offering all ranges of attractions including landscapes, adventure wildlife, birding, water activities, research and culture as it is a human biosphere with the highest number of human communities living pleasantly with the wildlife inside the park. Sightseeing activities in queen Elizabeth national park can be done in any number of days ranging from one to five or longer, depending on time available, purpose and budget. The list of activities that can be done during this memorable visit includes;

The game drive is better done in the mornings and evening, meaning you can do up to two safaris per day.

Each Kazinga Channel launch trip takes two hours. From Mweya it can be done twice a day while with the community boat it is done any time of the day, subject to prior booking.

Chimpanzee tracking can be done in two alternative locations; Kyambura gorge and Kalinzu forest.

Share with us the number of days you have for queen Elizabeth national park and we will put together the suitable itinerary for you. We can also book your accommodation on request

The elephant home is a lodge that offers all her visitors, a memorable experience of Queen Elizabeth national park. Located next to the park on the base of Rwenzori foothills, in Kikorongo village, the lodge gives guests an opportunity for easy access at arrival time and to the park game drive. It also opens guests to the opportunities of meeting the indigenous people, walking in the elephant track, taking a comfortable stay with high level hospitality from the locals serving the fresh foods locally grown.


This accommodation has a long list of activities, both in and outside the park that guests can participate in during their stay. These activities give a true detail of Queen Elizabeth national park beyond anyone has ever thought. The activities inside the park include; a game drive in kasenyi tracks, a boat cruise on Kazinga channel, Kyambura chimp tracking and the search for tree climbing lions in Ishasha. The activities outside the park include; lake Katwe traditional salt mining, a visit to Kasoga village, Boda-boda safari, the crater lakes tours, Kikorongo village walk, Kikorongo village trek, Kalinzu forest chimp tracking, Katunguru community boat cruise on Kazinga channel, traditional dances and crafts making workshops.

The elephant home is surrounded by savanna bushes and cotton fields. It is a hub of nightly visiting elephants and other game. On a self-guided walk, guests take the opportunity of reluctantly walking in the elephant trails heading to view Lakes George and Kikorongo, both commonly lined with grazing animals in Queen Elizabeth national park. We are located on Kasese Mbarara road, 22km from Kasese town and accessible by all road transport with public travel options. It is ten (10) minutes’ drive to Kasenyi park gate and 15 minutes to Katunguru where the community boat excursion starts.

We look forward to welcoming you to our accommodation and showing you around Queen Elizabeth national park. if you wish to arrange longer safaris, we will be happy to recommend you to one of the reliable safari agencies and or guides.


This is your gate way to a peaceful stay with the community and wildlife, in the most convenient accommodation next to Queen Elizabeth National park.

The elephant home offers delightful Lodging for all tastes with the lowest prices and spacious rooms. It is located in the tourism zone of Queen Elizabeth national park, at Kikorongo on the elephant grazing grounds. We are located on the foot of the hills where the Rwenzori Mountains kiss the savannah of Queen Elizabeth national park. The front view of the lodge lays the park as an extensive wildlife field where all sorts of game wonder day and night. You will listen to the howls of the lioness, the laughter of the hyena and the trumpet of the elephants during your night sleep. The Bunyaruguru highlands show a scenic backdrop at the end of the national park in the east. You will enjoy this view from the restaurant or on our hilly self-guided walk, while the sun sets on the Rwenzori Mountains.

The nightly elephant visits can’t be unnoticed during your stay. During the cotton season, you will learn how the community interacts with the elephants to protect their crops. You will also get a rare opportunity of walking in the elephant tracks in on the property. The remarkable elephant ruins around the lodge give the true feeling of living with the wildlife in the jungle. No park fees are required to stay since we are located outside the park, but the closeness to wildlife is remarkable. Sometimes, you will watch tens of elephants retreat to the park in processions as you take your breakfast in our open restaurant. This is why staying at the elephant home is the best opportunity to meet the people and wildlife in and around Queen Elizabeth national park.

The hospitality, rooms and restaurant services are well suited to the needs of the ultimate guests looking to have a memorable safari experience. We offer free wife in the restaurant for guests to be able to share those memories.

Map showing our location

Activities around the elephant home that you can participate in include;

– Game-drives and safaris in Queen Elizabeth National Park
– Community encounters in the communities in and around the park

– A boat excursion on Kazinga channel exposing you to many animals in their natural habitat
– 606 resident birds for birding
– A visits to the nearby national parks and attractions such as short treks on Rwenzori Mountains.

– A day trip to Kalinzu forest and Kyambura gorge chimp tracking

– Looking for the tree climbing lions in Ishasha

– The crater lakes trek in Bunyaruguru, above the rift valley escarpment.

– A visit to the historical Kilembe copper mines

– Visiting the local crafts markets at Katunguru trading center.

– Lake Katwe traditional salt mining and the flamingos on Lake Munyanyange.

– Visiting the fishing villages such as Katunguru, Hamukungu, Kasoga, Kasenyi, Katwe and others.

Let us arrange your accommodation or take you on one of these memorable experiences. A 3 days safari in and around Queen Elizabeth National Park, arranged from the elephant home would look like this;

Contact Rainforest and community tours at to arrange or give more information about longer safaris and accommodations of Uganda.