Located in the Elephant grazing grounds, outside Queen Elizabeth National Park, is The Elephant Home community lodge. Like the name suggests, this accommodation is a home for wildlife and for the travelers who want to explore queen Elizabeth beyond the park boundaries. It is like a home in the jungle with no crowds unless the elephants are around.  when the elephants show up, as they Wallow the landscape through their timely grazing voyages.

The hospitable staff and a wonderful chef of the lodge offers one of the best budget accommodations in the area, making this lodge a must visit for every traveler who want to pay budget and get the highest Value for money. The lodge comes with well thought comfortable self-contained rooms that are furnished with beddings, mosquito nets, furniture and a private balcony for each room. The restaurant and rooms offer open views of the Savannah wilderness. Guest who want privacy find a perfect hideout within the community, at the elephant home.

Wildlife such as birds and other mammals including elephants find a peaceful haven on the lodge property. The accommodation offered gives you an opportunity to spend a night in the elephant habitat allowing you to witness the community-wildlife relations. On the lucky nights, you will sleep to the sounds of the lion, hyenas and the calls of the elephants echoing from the extensive Savannah of queen Elizabeth national park. During the nights, sometimes elephants visit the lodge giving our guest the pleasurable picture moment while watching elephants feeding on the luxuriant jungles in the morning. Waking up to the elephant tracks and ruins from their nightly visit around the lodge gives the feeling of the true African wild jungles. Though it is located within the wildlife territory, guests don’t require any entrance fee to stay here, meaning you can stay and enjoy the local wildlife endlessly.

This community lives with the wildlife all their life. When you stay at the elephant home, the staff are both knowledgeable of the local area and friendly to the guest, willing to show you everything during your stay. They will share with you their story of living next to the national park and why they have adapted to tourism as the most sustainable livelihood that has finally enabled them to be better friends with wildlife. A self-guided walk has been created on the property where guests are able to walk in the savanna forest for up to 30 minutes as they take views of lake George inside the national park, dotted with fishing boats and the edges lined with grazing animals at sunset.

The accommodation is located next to the national park. Whether using private or public means of transport, the elephant home lodge is the most accessible and easy to find of all lodges in the area. It is ten minutes’ drive to the Kasenyi tracks park gate, where the game drive starts. Accessibility to a good road makes the elephant home a perfect base to explore the entire queen Elizabeth national park region. For those who want to stay long, the lodge has a long list of activities to participate in. These include chimp tracking, boda-boda safaris, forest walks, boat cruises, cultural tours and other village experiences. Besides, the lodge is attached to experienced local guides who will be able to take guests to the wildlife safari inside the park at affordable prices.

Book your stay today to experience one of the best community accommodation experiences around this part of the country, during your visit to queen Elizabeth national park.

During your trip to queen Elizabeth national park, you ought to stay in a place that gives you the best value for money. At the elephant home, the community at Kikorongo is doing everything to give you this comfortable stay. The lodge is located in the most serene part of the community to offer the insight of privacy, nature and culture with the friendliest staff. Located next to the park, you will be welcomed to self-contained rooms, a restaurant and all information you needed to fully explore the varied ecosystems of queen Elizabeth national park. During the stay in our accommodation facilities, you will sometimes be visited by wildlife such as elephants, giving you personal closeness to nature.

This accommodation marge two mighty landscapes. The rugged Rwenzori mountains of the moon and queen Elizabeth national park Savannah. We are located at the base of the Rwenzori mountains yet touching queen Elizabeth national park. This gives our guests an opportunity to experience the two magical lands of Uganda through a long list of activities we have on offer. The scenery of the backdrop of the legendary Rwenzori mountains, to the rift valley escapement gives a true relaxing moment in this game territory that is also full of cultural wonders. From our self-guided walk your full-time site will be the Savannah spotted with rift valley lakes; Kikorongo and George besides the Kazinga channel that lay in the main wildlife grazing grounds of queen Elizabeth national park.

During your stay, you can choose to participate in the wildlife safari activities and cultural encounters in and outside the park. These including the game drives in Kasenyi, Ishasha or mweya peninsular, the boat cruise on kazinga channel and kyambura chimp experience.  The cultural encounters include the katwe traditional salt mining, kalinzu forest chimps and forest walks, Kikorongo crafts workshop and traditional dances, the boda-boda safaris, the crater lakes walk in Bunyaruguru and fishing villages on lake George and Edward.

Come witness the wonders in the home of magnificent landscapes, well balance with the lakes, wetlands, extended savannah, and rolling hills lined bellow the rift valley escarpment along the kazinga channel. View how the channel forms a full-time green belt that dissect queen Elizabeth national park with a rich wildlife habitat that you will witness during the boat cruise of your choice.

During the stay, the host community at the elephant home introduces you to this wildlife paradise while closely providing the best meals, hospitality and comfortable stay in the natural and clean environment. Our neighborhood of cotton farms, woodlands and savannah is sweet to the birds, elephants and varied Savannah wildlife. You will definitely enjoy spending your holiday amidst this rich ecosystem. You will also find our lodge the most accessible yet the most private spot in the village, as every one of our visitors have found the lodge whatever they expect out of their accommodation.

Here is how to book your stay. Enjoy the services and support that we offer to arrange all safari and community activities in and around queen Elizabeth national park.

Are you looking for a place to stay near queen Elizabeth national park? The elephant home will definitely be your answer for this search. Besides accommodation at this community lodge, you will find information and support you need to arrange the most memorable wildlife safari activities in this medley of wonders, as part of our accommodation services. The elephant home has been specially established by the local community to provide hospitality with a feel of the local culture of the people living near the park. Likewise, queen Elizabeth national park and her neighborhoods offer a wide range of places to stay in different categories of accommodations. These include home-stays, campsites and lodges in budget, mid-range and luxury categories. This makes it easy to find a place to stay in case you miss out on the elephant home.

Queen Elizabeth national park is one of the most preferred wildlife destinations in Uganda. The park is and ideal destination for all categories of visitors including those interested in wildlife safaris, cultural experiences, birding, landscapes or trekking or water and aquatic wildlife. Queen Elizabeth national park is home to over 600 bird species, 10 Primates, 95 mammals and a large range of small creatures; making it one of the richest ecosystems in the region. The park offers a range of safari options. Dring your wildlife safari of choice which may be on kasenyi tracks, Mweya peninsular, Kazinag channel or in Ishasha extended savannah, you encounter large herds of wildlife such as elephants, antelopes, Uganda cobs, warthogs, buffalo, hippos, the cats and all the different sorts of Savannah and woodland birds.  On the Kazinga channel you have a chance to view multitudes of hippos as the channel holds one of the largest populations of hippopotamus than any other habitats in east Africa. Other wildlife on the kazinga channel and other waters of this park include, crocodiles, otters, the shoebill stork, the birds which include the endemics and migratory birds species and without forgetting the famous mamba and tilapia fish that you may have a chance to taste in one of the local dishes,

As you look for a place to stay during your trip to this wildlife paradise, we welcome you to the elephant home. The elephant home is a community run lodge that offers impressive accommodation services to those guests seeking to enjoy the benefits of easy accessibility, affordable prices with value for money, high level of hospitality and friendly staff, delicious and well thought meals. a comfortable accommodation in the peaceful environment surrounded by nature. Located 10 minutes’ drive from the park get (where the Kasenyi game drive starts) Our rooms are fully furnished and self-contained to give the comfort you need before and after the wildlife safaris.

It is easy to book your stay with us at the elephant home. You can just book or contact us now, visit our Facebook page @thelephanthome, or contact any tour operator especially Rainforest and community tours or Uganda community tourism association. For those in Kampala, you can contact UCOTA offices on Kira road, 300 meters past kabira country club as you head to Ntinda. Our email address is info@theelephanthome.com Tel: +256706581477 Whatsapp: +256780278010

Have you been wondering what is the best and cheap way to arrange your wildlife safari in queen Elizabeth national park? In the past, people have spent allot of resources and endured long waiting to put together a safari in queen Elizabeth national park. There is no more reason for spending  a penny trying to put together a safari in this park. The easiest and most accurate answer is simple; you can arrange your wildlife safari in queen Elizabeth by contacting the community at  the elephant home. If you mention to us, your dates and the number of people on the group, your safari will be arranged within 2-6 hours.  It is time to use the experience of the indigenous community who are the experts of this area, to put together a unique safari. This will cut the safari costs and save you the long chains of communication. A long list of activities, experience guided and attractions have been put together by the elephant home and will be simply tailored to your interest within the shortest time at no additional cost.

The elephant home is a community run lodge located at Kikorongo. The lodge is an innovation of the local community to provide easy access to the park wildlife using the community skills and hospitality. This doesn’t only give opportunities to the community but also makes the safari, allot cheaper and realistic for the safari seekers. For those planning to travel without a tour operator, but want to have the best safari, all safari solutions are found at the elephant home. Do not worry about the fees for arranging your safari, this comes as part of your benefits on the standard accommodation costs. The elephant home is trying to make it easy for more people to visit the park and the local communities affordably and realistically. It is an open opportunity. Every traveler to queen Elizabeth national park is our target for this offer, so grab it now!!

Your free safari arrangement is just one email  away. Just book your stay today and tell us the number of people coming along. We will send you a quick quote with a breakdown of all activities you have chosen. Upon your approval of the offer, an invoice will be sent and that will be it. The only requirement is to book a stay and you will have paid for safari arrangement costs. Yes, you read right, it is a safari in queen Elizabeth national park, arranged in one day within your accommodation costs. no commissions and administration fees or taxes. Book or  Contact us today to put together your safari.

Please note that, all accommodation reservations are subject to availability. our accommodation is quite scarce and competitive. However, if we have no space, we will suggest other similar lodges and still arrange your safari at no cost.

If you want to see the elephants in Uganda, then you should better be destined to the elephant home. The elephant home is a community lodge located next to queen Elizabeth national park, 390km from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. The elephant home is not just a name to this accommodation facility. It is a name chosen based on facts of how the elephant love this location outside the national park. The facility location is related to these giant mammals in many ways. Taking the local guide and staff of the elephant home, you will learn that this is the main entry point of elephants to the community land.

Though elephants are restricted to being in national parks, in Uganda, they always find a way to come  outside the park during the nights. Waking up to a vision of the gray rock like features (elephants) in the landscape standing still next to the lodge is like a rare dream. As the area around the elephant home is believed to be a historical point for the elephants of queen Elizabeth national park, they frequent the area to learn their own past. A theory from the community members,  explains that over generations, the elephants conceive from this spot and keep bringing the young ones to visit the area where their life started.

Elephants in Uganda learn and memorize moments including learning human and environmental behavior. In the evenings, during certain seasons, herds of elephants start their journey to the community. They know how to determine when people have gone indoors so they will camp in the park bushes opposite the road. This way they cross from queen Elizabeth national park in the very right time and turn up to their ancestral land, the elephant home. By bed time they are already crossing the road and they start feeding then setting camp in the elephant home property, about 500 meters from the accommodation facility. In certain seasons, elephants will stay here up till 9:00am.

If you want to dedicate your day to viewing elephants around queen Elizabeth national park, spend your night at the elephant home. This park has the largest number of elephants in Uganda. Besides seeing the actual elephants, the camp property is full of wildlife spoors like elephant dung, elephant grazing grounds and trails.

As the day light gets brighter, they start their movement towards the park. You will be amazed to observe these herds retreat from the community to the park in the mornings. It is like a mini elephant migration as you view a mix of all ages from the large female matriarch to the sweet little calves that look to be a few days old. You will observe the large mothers Pushing the little ones forcing them to go forward as they shyly return under the large body of the mother and disappearing amongst the legs of the herd. The large males keep taking rounds to provide the security while the grandmothers find the way forward. Suddenly you see them take the long-waited momentum rising dust all over while they trumpet and push forward in a large heard with thrust. There you know it is now time to cross into the park. On reaching the edge of the road, in their own private language, the matriarch will use the sounds and signs and they will all suddenly hold on to ensure there is no traffic or any human danger in the open road. After they have inspected the road, they take the slow but continuous steps into the road. With a big heard all packed in the open road, they make the little ones cross as they provide the required security. Finally, the large ones will go and the heard disappear in the bushes of the park.

When they are on their way back to the park, you will have an opportunity to study their hierarchy, behavior and how they communicate in their parades. The gentle grumbling sounds, picking and splashing dirt with their trunk, scrubbing the ground with one leg, trumpet sounds. The different signals, communications and sounds will be passed between the elephants in the community land and those inside the park on the opposite side of the road.  You may not understand their meaning but you will at least observe their communication being used during their movements until they finally cross the road disappearing into the park jungles.

If you stay at the elephant home on a lucky day when the elephants have come around, this whole experience is a free addition to your stay. It is a highlight of many guests who want to do view elephants in Uganda. You will not have to pay for this unique experiences and explanation from our guides. If they will not be around then, we take you to our self-guided walk where you will be able to find the various elephant spoors in their natural habitat neighboring queen Elizabeth national park. Contact us today to book your stay. We look forward to receiving your booking and welcoming you to our community.