Tourism, a double edged sword.

It is the double-edged sword of tourism: On the one hand it brings the awareness of beautiful places and and economic development for the local population. On the other, this exposure can lead to uncontrolled numbers of tourists, damaging the beauty they came to see. As the authorities in┬áThailand close the island of Koh Tachai┬ábecause […]

Ibanda gateway road under repair

Ibanda gateway is the access route to Rwenzori mountains. It is located in Kasese district, western Uganda, off the Fort portal Kasese road, branching right, 9km before reaching Kasese town. This road goes through the Mubuku valley up to the Rwenzori mountains park gate. The road is located on a hilly terrain and has always […]

Living with the Elephants in Uganda

Elephants in queen Elizabeth national park and other protected areas in Uganda have mastered their game. They know when the community crops are in yield. They always remember their traditional tracks and will make their ways to the village neighboring the park in the best time for them to find the crops. They are always […]