What are they made of?

Our handicrafts are made using environmentally friendly materials. These include crop residues after the harvesting season, the materials pruned from the crops during the pruning season, none biodegradable waste materials as a way of cleaning the environment or indigenous plants. Their seeds are carefully collected from the forest and planted in the household plots to sustainably supply the crafts materials.

Who makes them?

Our crafts are made by the women, youth and men artisans who demonstrate their traditional skills as they pass them to the younger generations as well as generating the much needed income from the sales. Every piece that makes your favorite gift is a unique result of joy and love over generations. These crafts are made in the homes during leisure and fun with the artisans sharing with their family members every step of the craft.

How do the crafts makers benefit from the sales?

The crafts sales enables the local producers, to put food on their plate, afford medical care or buy that necessary clothing and put their children in school. We ensure that the crafts makers get a decent pay for their work of around 100% more than they get from the ordinary market. The crafts producer gets 80% of the crafts price. The remaining 20% is shared between administration costs and contributing to a conservation and community development pool for a wider community benefit.

How long can it take for the order be supplied?

The crafts are collected from the villages and delivered to the shop by selected community representative. Due to the remoteness, it takes quite some time and effort to get them down from the villages. This is why we have to give at least two weeks between receiving the order and shipping it.

How do we get them to our clients?

Basing on the mode of shipment used, our crafts are able to get to the buyer anywhere in the world within five working days. The actual time is determined by the cost paid. Crafts sent by ordinary mail can take longer to arrive. We us DHL, FedEx, EMS or any other means you can advise us to use, as long as it exists in Uganda.

How to meet the makers?

If you want to meet our crafts producer in her home or any of the projects supported, during your trip to Uganda, please let us know and we will lead you to the one closest to the area you want to visit.


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