At the elephant center campsite, we encourage ad support responsible travel through all our operations. Wildlife visit to the community is being turned into opportunities to the community members sustainably, through tourism. Through the Elephant center campsite, more community members are getting involved in tourism. The Elephant home exploits the opportunities offered by Queen Elizabeth national park and her wildlife. We are using tourism as a pivoted for community development and environment conservation. It is hoped that this will change the community attitudes towards wildlife, especially Elephants that are the biggest threat to the community gardens. The revenue from tourism is used to support the local population through skill training, market for their produce, education sponsorship and other development partnerships.

The following is what we are doing or plan on doing to meet our responsible travel goals

  • 100% of the employees coming from the local communities hence earning alternative sustainable incomes.
  • Provide training to the local staff for knowledge exchange/ transfer and couching on tourism, conservation, community development business development and other production skills in the local villages and schools
  • Educating the tourists about the local nature and culture as a way to conserve and involving them in local conservation activities that enrich their experience while helping the local people and environment.
  • Promoting production and sale of local arts/ crafts,
  • buying local to support the local producers. we buy most of our food and supplies locally as much as possible, including; local vegetables/ fruits and other agro-produce or tourism services especially produced by the local youth and women.
  • Providing skills to the local people on production, households, conservation and micro business development using part of the income and partnerships initiated through the Elephant home.