How to travel from Lake Bunyonyi to Queen Elizabeth national park

Lake Bunyonyi is a place of comfort that is not worth missing on the Uganda dream holiday. It is a highlight on Both, site seeing and gorilla tracking tour in Uganda and Rwanda. The destination is a favorite of travelers who want to experience a mix of Uganda’s nature, scenery and indigenous culture in one place. Located in the south western horn of Uganda, it is most accessible on the way to/from Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, Mgahinga volcanoes and Rwanda. A stop at this lake makes the most unforgettably finish to the memorable gorilla tracking trip. After a Memorable stay at lake Bunyonyi, you will likely be heading to queen Elizabeth national park to do a wildlife safari. Lake Bunyonyi is located 562km south of Queen Elizabeth national park. To travel from Lake Bunyonyi to Queen Elizabeth national park, the full journey takes an estimate of 5 hours, depending on the status of the road and mode of transport used.

This is how to travel from Lake Bunyonyi to Queen Elizabeth national park by public means. Take a bodaboda or private hire to drop you in Kabale town. This distance takes you maximum of 15 minutes driving. You will then take a bus from Kabale town to Mbarara town, where you will catch a taxi to Queen Elizabeth national park. From Kabale town, the public buses will be travelling through Ntungamo to Mbarara on their way to Kampala. This route has quite a good number of buses and you can be able to get a bus every 30 minutes.  Some buses start in Kabale while others will be travelling from other  towns like Kisoro, Kanungu or Kigali-Rwanda. It is better to take a bus/taxi that starts from Kabale (to be able to take a better seat). One bus (Kalita) commonly travels from Kabale through Queen Elizabeth national park on the way to Fort portal – Kagadi. This bus leaves Kabale at night on scheduled days and reaches Queen Elizabeth national park in the early morning of the next day. If you want to use this option, you need to call them or contact your travel adviser before the travel day to find out the schedule and availability of the bus on your travel day.  if lucky, you may also be able to find a taxi driving straight from Kabale to Kasese during day time. Those looking for this luck should go to Kabale taxi park to find out any availability.

Travel by private means is more flexible. With this means, you will choose to either travel from Kabale through mbarara or branch off at Ntungamo, on Rukungri road and drive via Kitagata hot springs. after a relaxed stop at the hotesprint you will continue to Ishaka town. From Ishaka, you will join Katunguru-Mbarara road and drive north towards Queen Elizabeth national park. This is a shorter route and shows more of the country side and village setting than going through mbarara town.

Depending on your booked accommodation location, you will have to stop, either in Kasese (Katunguru, Kikorongo, Kasese town) or Rubirizi (Katunguru, Kyambura, Katara etc) where most lodges are located. If you’re travelling by public, it is important to communicate your stopping point clearly when you board, to avoid inconveniences. Please feel free to contact us and we will provide any further information on request to help you travel right.

Hope you enjoy the stay at the elephant home lodge, during your trip!!

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