Why did I visit the shrine – Uganda MP Speaker defends her visit…

To visit the shrine I was promoting my culture and Uganda’s tourism the Speaker defends her visitation to the witch doctor’s shrine, a few days go. Rebecca Kadaga, is the 10th (tenth) speaker of the Uganda Parliament after a position she retained unopposed, after the deputy speaker – Jacob Oulanya pulled out of the race following advise […]

The best time to trek Rwenzori mountains is here!!!

The best time to trek Rwenzori mountains is here!!! The rain season is ending this May, in Uganda. The community around Rwenzori Mountains and travelers around the world are getting ready for the tourist peak season starting soon. The Rwenzori Mountains is one of the ten national parks of Uganda. This park can be visited any time […]

Uganda Martyrs 2016 celebrations kick off in style on May – 22 – 2016

It was an inspiring three hours walk emulating the martyrs’ journey of pain and faith. The celebration of the famous and highly respected martyr’s day of 3rd June of every year, has started off in different parts of the country and the entire east African region. In Kampala, Uganda’s capital, this has kicked off in […]

Tourism in Uganda to be promoted in USA and Europe for one year.

News we are receiving from reliable sources, say the best three marketing firms of foreign origin are set to represent and promote Uganda in the best source market for Uganda tourists. This comes under the support of competitiveness and enterprise development project (CEDP) under the Ministry of Finance coordinated by Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU). […]

Tourism, a double edged sword.

Tourism, a double edged sword.

It is the double-edged sword of tourism: On the one hand it brings the awareness of beautiful places and and economic development for the local population. On the other, this exposure can lead to uncontrolled numbers of tourists, damaging the beauty they came to see. As the authorities in Thailand close the island of Koh Tachai because […]

Living with the Elephants in Uganda

Elephants in queen Elizabeth national park and other protected areas in Uganda have mastered their game. They know when the community crops are in yield. They always remember their traditional tracks and will make their ways to the village neighboring the park in the best time for them to find the crops. They are always […]