The elephant home, for your stay near queen Elizabeth national park

  If you’re looking to get accommodation for your next trip to Queen Elizabeth national park – western Uganda, look no further. The elephant home will give you a perfect memorable safari experience that you have been looking for. The Elephant home is a budget lodge located in the Savannah bushes within Kikorongo community. It […]

Timing for Queen Elizabeth national park, activities.

  Park entrance time: Queen Elizabeth national park gate opens for visitor entrance at 7:00am and closes at 7:00pm. Before or after this time bracket, there is no visitor entrance allowed. This is very important especially if you have booked your accommodation for the arrival night inside the park Boat cruise on Kazinga channel: The scheduled […]

How to travel to Queen Elizabeth national park, from Kampala.

Queen Elizabeth national park is located 392/ 399 km west of Kampala. It is the most accessible by public transport, of all national parks in Uganda. The park is crossed by many public roads that create easy access by any means of transport including motorcycle or even bicycle. From Kampala, the park can be accessed […]

How to get a good safari guide in Queen Elizabeth national park

Taking a wildlife safari without a good guide can lower the value of your safari experience? I take this opportunity to guide you on how to get the right guide for your safari in Queen Elizabeth national park.  Many people may claim to be safari guides and guests will be disappointed on safari when it […]

Tourist activities in and around Queen Elizabeth national park

Uganda’s beauty is packed in Queen Elizabeth National park, a safari haven located in western Uganda. The size of Queen Elizabeth national park is 1,978 km². It is positioned across the floor of the rift valley, between 910m and 1350m above sea level with her lowest point being in Lake Edward and the highest on the […]

Animals of Queen Elizabeth national park

On the wildlife safari in Queen Elizabeth national park, you will be looking for these and many more mammals. Explore the list and make it longer during your safari. The total list is 95 mammals species. tell us if you find more than 95 and we shall celebrate with you at the Elephant home. Egyptian […]

looking for cheap accommodation at queen Elizabeth national park.

If you need cheap accommodation near Queen Elizabeth national park, please look no further. The Elephant home is a lodge of priority for the guests who want to explore Queen Elizabeth national park on low budget. It is a cheap but high value accommodation.This camp offers three options of accommodation from self-contained twin rooms, none self-contained […]

The birds of queen Elizabeth national park – Uganda.

Every day is a birding challenge to explore the 600 bird species found in and around queen Elizabeth national park. To take the birding challenge, contact us for your booking and lets see how many of these you will be able to see. the list can go up to 600+ depending on the hard work, […]

Queen Elizabeth national park ecosystem.

  Queen Elizabeth national park is the most preferred safari destination of Uganda. It is a true safari paradise that stands out in Uganda. During the visit to this park one has unlimited chances of exploring the nature and culture of Uganda. Queen Elizabeth national park is the second oldest national park of Uganda. It […]

Rwenzori Mountains of the moon… A unique experience in Uganda

Ruboni community camp gives you an opportunity to explore the Rwenzori Mountains and foothills like a local. During the visit, you have a chance to participate in the village walk, the hill trek, the forest nature walk or the trek to the high mountain peaks in side Rwenzori mountain national park. Each of the village […]