Accessible and hospitable community accommodation facility around Queen Elizabeth national park for  guests who want to explore Queen Elizabeth national park and the broader areas. Elephant Home is a community owned and run accommodation facility outside Queen Elizabeth national park. Our work is driven by our clients needs. it is a solar lit facility giving guests sufficient options of charging their gadgets and free WiFi. We offer;

  • Clean and hospitable accommodation.
  • Meals in the onsite restaurant
  • locally made crafts in the curio shop
  • Community tours and other authentic activities gusts can participate in.

This is why you must add the stay at the Elephant home on your trip to Queen Elizabeth national park;

  • Clean spacious self-contained rooms, cabins and camping ground.
  • A long list of flexible activities in and outside the park to enrich your Uganda experience
  • A plant and wildlife walk with great scenery, bird, plants,  and wildlife spoors.
  • Easy access to the park gate when you want to go for a game drive.
  • All weather camping ground with roof
  • Easy access by both private and public transport.
  • No park entrance fee since we are located outside the park
  • Easy to use as a base for connecting to other national parks and attractions in the region.

Due to increasing human population around Queen Elizabeth national park, wildlife-community conflict has increased in the recent years. The Elephant home is positioned to acts as a sustainable solution to this challenge by creating livelihoods that are wildlife friendly through tourism. Every coin you spend at the The Elephant home will go a long way to the grass-root communities.