Nyama choma, in Tanzania, the best meal of my life.

Nyama choma is a Swahili phrase which means roasted meat. This meat might be beef, chicken or the most commonly, goat and cow barbeque. Nyama choma is the most prestigious accompaniment everyone would like to eat with Ugali (corn meal) during their best times in life. Yes, I eat it every time I am in Kenya or Tanzania.

It is the testiest meat i have ever eaten. Whenever I go Tanzania I always make sure i don’t miss a chance. During my recent visit to Arusha, I thought an idea, seeing if i can make nyama choma myself when i go back to my country, so i asked the gentle man on the street who had just served it to me.

With a smile on his face, he started to narrate; the main ingredients added to meat are salt and pepper. Hoewever, to make the best like this one you just ate, you will marinate nyama choma in mixture with minced onion, minced garlic, ground ginger, hot pepper flakes and little lemon juice then leave the meat on fire until it is ready. It Can be served with Kachumbari (a mixture of tomateos, onions and hot paper).

This is very delicious food particularly when eating it with ugali and a friend on your side!!!!

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on Jun 07, 2016