New waste collection facilities on Kampala streets.

New waste collection facilities on Kampala streets.

If you have been in Kampala recently, you may have seen these beautiful adverts on the pavements of Kampala road and other few streets like Entebbe road and around the Nakasero area. These are the modern waste collection bins that have been introduced in Kampala city. Since they were installed, they have proved to be a good step towards making Kampala streets cleaner. From one traveler’s opinion, it is true that these streets have been kept cleaner and we believe that the entire city is set to shine when the effort is extended to other parts of the city. This could make Kampala one of the cleanest cities in the east African region, Thanks to Kampala Capital city Authority (KCCA).

In the past, Kampala has seen many innovative ideas of trying to make its streets cleaner but none has been as successful. While travelling around Uganda, you will see that people of all classes can drop waste on the street, in their homes, at school and any other public or private places, driving siting or walking. Like many parts of Uganda, most people in Kampala still have a the same habit of leaving their litter un attended. This is due to a background of how people have been brought up from childhood, from school and from their families. Most people who fill Kampala come from the Ugandan country side with this kind of mindset about waste management. It is the reason why, leaders like KCCA and the few individuals who promote proper waste management, face many challenges in different areas of the country.

A proper policy on environment education and awareness raising about proper waste management can do better. before this policy can be put in place, something has to be done with the Uganda society to change their attitudes about waste management. In any society, attitude change is key to proper waste management. It requires use of friendly education methods that eventually have the people willing to practice the subject. Unlike Uganda, the countries and cities that have managed to achieve proper waste management, have taken a long time to have their residents fully willing and understanding how important it is to take care of waste. Kampala city can achieve this as well, with a progressive effort of focusing on attitude change through these such efforts of  introducing educative and use friendly systems of proper waste management on streets. This may take long to bring change but will serve better than punishing the city residents who drop waste on the streets without providing an alternative way that suggests proper waste management.

To instigate attitude change, these new waste bins serve several social gaps of education, entertainment and encouraging voluntary proper waste management. They also look cleaner on the streets with good and attractive advertising massages like any other upmarket bill boards. They have been well labeled for all people to be able to use. They have separate areas for recyclable waste, other (none recyclable) waste and some have two separate slots on either sides, one for cigarettes bats and the other one for used batteries. Because of these qualities, people seem to have found it easy to understand and associate with them, thus the city has seen a good number of the public members taking the concern of a cleaner city by voluntarily dropping their waste in the bins.

“The streets are looking cleaner than I had ever seen them before”, is what one of the tourists who were interviewed said. This gives hope that, these facilities extended to other parts of Kampala, more people will start appreciating or practicing proper waste management.

Next I will guide you on how to use these new waste bins on the Kampala streets.

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on May 31, 2016