How to prevent mosquito bites, during your travel to Africa

Learning never ends!! You will be surprised to know what I discovered during my last trip to Africa. Yes, a few weeks ago, I learnt something new about preventing mosquito bites. This will help me be safe from bites during my travel in the future. I thought i should share it with you today. In he past, the only way i judged if a place had mosquitoes was by hearing the sound of a flying mosquitoes in my hotel room, then this served as a warning that I could get mosquito bites, and to the worst, malaria in a few days after my trip. This is the tricky way Mosquitoes kept finding their way into my net even though i never heard any sound of flying mosquitoes over the night for the last two nights.  I rarely expected mosquitoes to stay still until they come to find me sleeping. Yes, this time I found out that, mosquitoes have taken the time to discover the holes in the bed nets.

I personally don’t like mosquito nets over my bed. Lucky enough, we don’t have malaria mosquitoes in my country and this has made me comfortable in my life of “no nets over my bed”. When I arrived at my hotel, the room attendant told me they have some mosquitoes and so advised me to put on the net before I go for my dinner and all the time I am sleeping. To my surprise, I could not see or hear any mosquitoes. Since I know mosquitoes like to hide in dirk places, I opened all dirk places including the closet to see if there is any but to my surprise, there was none. I had to take the advice and left my net on when I went for dinner. I expected to find mosquitoes flying, trying to enter the net when I come back. On my return from dinner, I found but only two hungry mosquitoes landed outside of my net, so I realized more may be hiding somewhere. After killing the two hungry mosquitoes, I went under my net and sneaked my hand out to switch of the light.

I kept listening and did not hear a sound of a mosquito all the night. As you wait to hear them flying, I didn’t know they were busy exploring, walking to find the holes in the net. When I woke up the next morning, I realized I was wrong. I found several bites on my body. How this could happen even when under a mosquito net and heard nothing flying all the night? I don’t know!!! The second night, I found more new bites after being even more careful than the night before. On the third night, I woke up and switched on the light in the middle of the night and saw three mosquitoes lined up on the walls inside my net and more, about a dozen on the walls outside the net. I fought the ones inside and killed them. During the scuffle, the dozen mosquitoes outside the net flew away. When I surveyed the net, I realize a few holes at the top of the net next to the strings that hold the net. These holes must have been the access point for the mosquitoes!

They found out holes I never knew a thing about. That is when I realized that maybe they don’t fly but only walk in and out of the net. From that time, when I enter my hotel room, I scan the mosquito net for possible holes. Maybe you should try the same. It is possible that most hotel nets may have holes only known to the wise mosquitoes.

Of course there are other steps you need to take to ensure you don’t get mosquito bites. These include; applying insects repellant on the body, putting on long sleeved tops and trouser in the evenings and all night before you go to bed, spraying insecticides in and around the room. I advise you to try multiple options in order to win the mosquito tricks. You can find out which options work better in the area you want to visit and add everything possible to your parking list. Please note that these steps of preventing mosquitoes bites are not guaranteed and are not 100% sure that mosquitoes won’t get you at night. It takes only one mosquitoes bite for you to get malaria so you still stand a risk even when you try everything. Always do one most important thing, remember to consult your certified doctor to advise you on the best ways to prevent malaria and mosquitoes bites alike.

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on Jun 27, 2016