A community accommodation facility in Uganda, at the Elephant home

The Elephant Home (also called the Elephant Center Campsite) is a community owned and run tourism project located near queen Elizabeth national park, western Uganda. The project offers a number of tourism services and experience to the visitors who visit Queen Elizabeth national park during their trip.

The Elephant home is run by the community members, from the top management to the guides who take visitors around the community. The services offered at this campsite are; self-contained rooms, none self-contained cabins, camping ground, a restaurant, crafts shop. The community experiences offered at this community campsite are; a village hill trek, a village experience tour, cotton growing tour, equator tour and a self-guided nature walk at the site. Other activities coordinated by this community tourism enterprise include the traditional dance performance, a crafts making workshop, the Katwe traditional salt mining tour, the Katwe Boda-boda safari. The elephant home can also help the visitors to arrange the activities inside the park such as the chimp tracking at Kyambura, the Kazinga channel boat cruise and the wildlife Safari drive.

Besides the activities around Queen Elizabeth national park, this community accommodation is well located as a base for exploring the surrounding areas such as Rwenzori Mountains trekking, the Kalinzu forest tours, the Kichwamba escarpment communities, the creator lakes area and Kibale national park. The site is well located on the Fort portal Mpondwe road (please see direction) and can be reached by all modes of public or private transport. Fort portal – Mpondwe road is the same road that leads to the Gorillas, lake Bunyonyi or crossing to Rwanda and Congo.

The money spent to the Elephant home goes a long way to improve the lives of the local people. The following are our responsible travel efforts and activities;

  • 100% of the employees come from the local communities hence earning alternative incomes other than depleting the natural resources for survival.
  • Provide training to the local staff for knowledge exchange/ transfer and couching on tourism, conservation, community development business development and other production skills.
  • Educating the tourists about the local nature and culture as a way to conserve and involving them in local conservation activities that enrich their experience while helping the local people and environment.
  • Promoting production and sale of local arts/ crafts, local vegetables/ fruits and other agro-produce or tourism services provided by the local youth and women.
  • Providing skills to the local people on production, households, conservation and micro business development using part of the income and partnerships initiated through the Elephant home.
  • Implement community conservation education programs in the local villages and schools.

If you stay at the elephant center or if you buy any of their products, you will likely be spending your travel money to support one or all of the above responsible travel efforts. This will be further witnessed during your stay. Please make your booking now to support conservation and community development through travel. Our email is info@thelephanthome.com or you can use the contact us link on this website.

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