Translation and interpretation during your trip to Uganda

Travel has the potential to change everyone. Yes, it is great to meet new people during a holiday, but that is not all travel will give you. Besides the greatness of meeting new people, travel is also a strong tool of inspiration. However if you can’t communicate, many opportunities during travel become fruitless. Inspiration happens by getting new […]

Now open!!!! All-weather bridge, a new experience for Rwenzori trekkers.

Now open!!!! All-weather bridge, a new experience for Rwenzori trekkers. Thanks to the government of Uganda and UNRA (Uganda National Roads Authority). This all weather bridge is a timely solution to flooding in the Rwenzori mountains region. During this time of climate change and global worming, weather patterns of many areas have changed. It is evident that […]


How to reduce waste with 4R strategies for a healthier life.

Photo by Moving around the suburbs of Uganda, the biggest land is either covered by wasted material in form of polythene bags, plastic or rubber, scrap metal and clothes. Which makes the environment look dirty and unconditional to live in. If you’re like me am sure you’ve asked yourself so many times how can I(we) […]

Your packing list for Africa / Uganda safari /trekking trip

Your packing list for Africa / Uganda safari /trekking trip Peoples  travel habits vary allot. Because of this, Packing lists can range from simple to very complex. Your packing list will also depend on the purpose and duration of travel. Basing on these and many other factors, the packing list could be long or short, giving you […]

How to prevent mosquito bites, during your travel to Africa

Learning never ends!! You will be surprised to know what I discovered during my last trip to Africa. Yes, a few weeks ago, I learnt something new about preventing mosquito bites. This will help me be safe from bites during my travel in the future. I thought i should share it with you today. In he past, […]

Did you know that Elephant dung can make writing paper?

It was a memorable day as we participated in the community walks, when I learnt that communities are making paper out of Elephant dung. The breath taking scenery, the rich culture, the delicious organic foods and the very welcoming people were all invaluable and worth experiencing. Our base was Nyanziibiri eco-campsite, In Rubirizi district. The location of our holiday was on […]

What is your fear about visiting Uganda?

What is your fear about visiting Uganda? Different people have different fears about visiting certain countries or any new places. In most cases, these fears are myths and exist from gossips, due to lack of proper information provided first hand from that particular destination being feared. I asked someone if she plans to travel to Uganda, two years ago, […]

Community accommodation near Queen Elizabeth national park.

The Elephant home is one of the community accommodations in the villages neighboring queen Elizabeth national park. The accommodation is located opposite queen Elizabeth national park, 21.5km on your way from Kasese before Kikorongo junction. We offer meals, self contained rooms, none self contained cabin and camping ground. When you stay here, the community provides […]

What is new for travelers to Queen Elizabeth National Park in 2016!!!

What do you know about the rural communities of Uganda? Here is an opportunity for you to be the first to know!!!! The community of Kikorongo has put together an experience packaged in a village guided walk. It is a new village experience for visitors to Queen Elizabeth national park, located at Kikorongo Junction, 22km from Kasese on Mbarara […]